Is your child's normal weight?

Is your child's normal weight?

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Head of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Istanbul Medipol University. Dr. Muazzez Garipağaoğlu, obesity is an important problem in children as anorexia.

Garipağaoğlu said, için The first step for anorexic children is to consult a doctor and find out if there is a physical condition. Our philosophy is, 'Eat enough, not more or less'. ”
Saying that the taste of the mouth of children fed with additional food is very difficult and they are very selective. Dr. Garipağaoğlu says that the children sent to the nest eat much better food.

Professor Ip Parents and carers are responsible for the obesity of preschool children, Gar says Garipağaoğlu.
Childhood obesity is spreading rapidly in our country. Garipağaoğlu, “There are families that connect this situation to genetics. However, in the past, children used to go to school on foot. Now, with the service, old children used to play on the street. Measurement of waist circumference of children is very important. 'Abdominal Obesity' should be considered if there is. There are children in our society who have abnormal weight and height measurements, and this is a matter to be considered for the liver. ”

Parents should set an example for children!

Not recommended diet in children under 2 years. Dr. Garipağaoğlu said: ağırlık For children aged 2-7 years, weight gain is stopped first, based on age-appropriate healthy nutrition and physical activity. Thinning is allowed over time. Our philosophy should be 'eat enough, not more or less'. Some families force-feed their children that they do not eat. Parents need to be role-models for children. ”

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