In which situations is bed rest necessary during pregnancy?

In which situations is bed rest necessary during pregnancy?

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These situations can be categorized as follows:

Preeclampsia with high blood pressure and edema, eclampsia accompanied by seizures called convulsions,
Cervical changes; Cervical insufficiency (cervical insufficiency), cervical dilution in the form of preparation for delivery
Vaginal bleeding
Premature birth threat before 37th gestational week
Multiple pregnancies
Presence of stillbirth, preterm birth
Inadequate fetal development
Diabetes of pregnancy

Abnormalities of the placenta; Early separation of placenta (detachment placenta), placenta in the cervix (placenta previa), placenta adherent to the uterine wall (placenta accreata state)

In case of preterm labor, the pregnant woman's bed rest may prevent the fetal head from making pressure and may delay delivery. Especially resting on the side makes smoother blood flow to the fetus and placenta and increases oxygenation. However, some inconvenient situations may also occur during prolonged bed rests. Serious side pains, low back pain may occur in the same position for a very long time, and ulcers on the skin may be opened. In this case, in consultation with the doctor, it should be questioned how often the position will be changed.
Prolonged bed rest may be the cause of excessive stress and depression in the patient. Unlike this, especially in cases where the bed rest is held very tightly due to high blood pressure, this may adversely affect the blood pressure. Despite signs of depression, patient relatives, friends and doctors should be alerted.

The increased estrogen effect during pregnancy and the increased volume of the uterus can slow blood flow too, thereby increasing vascular clotting. Pregnant mothers who have to sleep a lot by making blood thinners, some movements in the bed can be taught by teaching.

Studies conducted in NASA have shown that muscle mass and strength are lost by a quarter in women who have been inactive for a long time. Therefore, short-term and controlled exercises to be performed will make the mother more powerful. The doctor should closely monitor the patient's health conditions as well as his psychological state while recommending bed rest. It is also very important to inform the patient about his condition and to gain information about his illness. In this way, the patient can prevent the rest of the bed from turning into torture. Sharing the information and findings with the patient, spouse and relatives will facilitate the work of both the doctor and the patient and it will be possible to reach a healthy baby that has reached term in health.

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