What should I eat during pregnancy?

What should I eat during pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a natural physiological event for the woman. It covers the changes in the fetal (fetal baby) growth on the normal physiology of the woman during pregnancy. For this reason, the idea that they should eat enough to feed two living beings outweighs our society. However, our current knowledge is that undernutrition as well as over-feeding of the pregnant mother may harm mother and baby health.

As an expert for mothers who read this article, my only suggestion is that your baby crawls, walks, hand-arm movements are appropriate for the normal month. the goal is to 'make. Therefore, if you read my articles with this eye you will benefit incredibly.

Before examining the effects of nutrition on the growth and health of the baby, I first want to give information about the development of the baby in the womb.

It is about cell division when the baby first falls into the mother's womb (first week). From the second week to the eighth week, the tissue differentiation begins to shape the embryo (the name your baby first developed). At week eight, the embryo weighs 1 g and is 2.5 cm tall. At the end of the third month, the sex of the baby becomes apparent. The baby grows rapidly until the 6th month and certain functions are determined. At the end of six months, the baby weighs 1000 g and reaches a height of 35 cm. Circulatory system is determined at 8-12th week. Through placenta, maternal blood carries nutrients to the baby. 18. Breathing is seen at week. 12th week digestive system occurs. The functioning of the nervous system is observed in the first 8 weeks. In the second half of fetal life, the BRAIN grows rapidly. Two-thirds of brain cells occur before birth and one-third occur within the first three years after birth.

The effect of nutrition of pregnant mother on the development of the baby Research began in the 1930s and concentrated in recent years. In laboratory animal studies, it has been found that limitation of some nutrients causes congenital problems in the baby. Vitamin A, zinc, iodine, iron, riboflavin, manganese, folic acid are the most important components.

In animal studies, it was found that in babies who fed insufficient and unbalanced during pregnancy, biochemical changes in the brain cells in the womb (fetal life) did not improve although they fed their offspring well after birth. As a result of these studies, it has been shown that malnutrition has an important effect not only on physical health but also on intelligence.

These animal studies have started to be studied in various ways in humans and it has been found that 65% of babies born with congenital disorder in the UK have folic acid deficiency.

It has been found to cause myopia in newborn babies as a result of malnutrition of vitamin A in African pregnant women.

It was emphasized that mentally handicapped babies known as cretinism were born due to iodine-poor diet in pregnant women.

It has been reported that stillbirth, premature and congenital disorders occur in malnourished and unbalanced women.

Inadequate nutrition of the pregnant mother also contributes to maternal health. has negative effects. Toxemia in pregnancy, megaloblastic anemia in the mother, severe protein and energy deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, tooth decay, bone resorption, edema due to insufficient protein intake are more common in women who are fed insufficient and unbalanced.

As can be seen, the effects of the mother's nutrition on both the health of the infant and their own health are negligible. However, it is necessary to know; Excess weight gain during pregnancy can lead to birth problems, delayed birth date, meconium aspiration in the baby, and serious health problems. For this reason, pregnant mother should gain weight according to the weight status she started pregnancy during pregnancy and should be fed adequate and balanced.

I tell pregnant mothers to come easy, with love!

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