Misconceptions about menstruation

Misconceptions about menstruation

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Does pieces made during sport?

All kinds of sports can be done during menstruation. Physical exercises performed during menstruation can relieve pain; sometimes exercise even relieves painful contractions of the uterus. Therefore, it is not inconvenient to do sports during menstruation.

Do you swim during your period?

There is no medical basis for the widespread belief that swimming in the menstrual cycle is inconvenient. It is possible to swim in the sea. You cannot “cut”, maz your blood does not clot erek or your stomach does not hurt. Also, during this period, you can prevent staining your swimsuit by using a tampon.

Do buffers prevent menstrual bleeding?

The greatest fear in the use of tampons is the possibility that the tampon will prevent menstrual bleeding. However, this fear is irrelevant because the bumpers are like sponges and absorb the liquid. When the tampon is full, the liquid passes through the tampon and flows out of the vagina. Properly placed buffer does not prevent bleeding and does not allow leakage.

Young girls, can virgins use tampons?

You can even use tampons during the first menstrual bleeding. In the hymen, which is the natural skin layer covering the vagina hole, a natural hole is opened with the onset of bleeding and the liquid emerges from this hole. In the first menstrual period, since the hymen is soft and flexible, you can use a mini or normal size tampon designed for mildly bleeding days without damaging it. If you are a virgin, consult your gynecologist before using your first tampon, and it will be helpful to ask him about how to use the tampon.

Are menstrual pains psychological?

Menstrual pain, not psychological; it is completely physiological. Biochemical substances causing uterine contraction cause pain. Painkillers that prevent their release are very effective for menstrual pain. In addition, when used under doctor control, birth control pills are very useful drugs to prevent menstrual pain. Some of the menstrual pains are due to endometriosis, a very common gynecological disorder. In this case, a treatment for endometriosis is necessary.

Do menstrual pains go away after giving birth?

Due to the changing hormone profile in some women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, menstrual pains may decrease in the period immediately after pregnancy. As pregnancy and the number of children increase, the probability of decreasing menstrual pains increases. However, in women with menstrual pain due to endometriosis (chocolate cyst), after a while menstrual pain may return to the former level. In this case, laparoscopic examination may be needed for the diagnosis of endometriosis.

Are you pregnant during menstruation?

In general, the spawning time is 10-18 days after the first day of menstruation. However, although rarely, earlier ovulation may occur. Therefore, sexual intercourse may result in pregnancy, even if menstruation is not yet complete. For example, a relationship on day 8 may cause pregnancy in an ovulation on day 10, as sperm can live for 2 days. Therefore, effective birth control methods cannot be replaced by the calendar method.

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