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April 23 events

April 23 events

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Play N Learn Children's World Makes Maçka Park Happy!

Maçka Park in Şişli Municipality organized the April 23 Celebration of Play N Learn is a first in Turkey is ŞENLENDİRİY Children's World!

Play N Learn Children's World will provide children with a unique entertainment feast with crazy animations and active games accompanied by clowns and animators, as well as creative, educational and entertaining workshops!

Face painting, puppet, card, maracas, various objects from salt ceramics, creative table activities such as making toys from recycled materials, crazy races such as sacks, eggs, yogurt races accompanied by clowns and animators, and so many active games and gifts, Play n Learn Kids World's trained staff, unique experiences and unforgettable two days to live on April 22 and 23 children waiting for all at Maçka Park! All activities are free!

This year Maçka Park will be fun with Play n Learn Children's World, everyone will be entertained! DO NOT MISS!

Profilo Shopping Center Special Events for April 23

Profilo Shopping Center will organize a series of events on April 21-22-23 as part of 23 April Children's Day. In the April 23 program prepared by Profilo Shopping Center for its little visitors; There will be a free children's play to be organized by Pınar Kido Theater, face painting activities, illusion, jonklor shows, music dance competitions and surprise gifts.


Pinar Kido Theater Free Kids Game
History: 21-22-23 April 2006
Location: Cultural Center Hall 2
Hour: 12.00-13.00

Face Painting Activities, Illusions, Jonqulor Shows and Children's Competitions
History: April 22-23, 2006
Location: Green court
Hour: 13.30-17.00

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