When I became a mother I understood

When I became a mother I understood

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Mothers' Day, which we celebrate in May, the second Sunday of each year, offers mothers the opportunity to express their love and perhaps try to understand them. Taking this opportunity is especially important for girls who are future mothers. Because in the process from childhood to motherhood, the way to prepare for this change is through the girls' understanding of their mothers.

From a pregnancy, a woman is now preparing to become not just someone's wife or daughter, but someone's mother. So now it takes on a different role, both emotionally and socially. In fact, with the pregnancy, the society fulfills its expectations and takes on the role assumed. Pregnancy means that a woman will be the primary person responsible for bringing a child into society as an individual. Pregnancy also means taking on the task of being the mother of someone else while being the daughter of her parents. This process can be painful for women.

Women's relationship with their mothers is very special and close. Women have been looking for this relationship all their lives. They can re-establish their bond with their mothers later in life with their very close girlfriends or their own children. This bond is also established when they have children, especially daughters.

Pregnancy is a good opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the mother

Being a mother offers a great opportunity to take a woman's relationship with her mother to a better point. Because both the mother and her daughter meet at a common point as a mother. We can think of it as empathy. The most perfect way for a person to be able to put himself / herself in front of him is to be that person. Being a mother is a role. When we become a mother, we begin to understand the emotions of being responsible for a child that we have never understood before, and we can look at that relationship and look at it differently. We can solve the negativities or conflicts in the relationship. Therefore, this process is also a great opportunity to review the negative experiences with the mother.

Your mother's load gets heavier

In the past, women were expected to marry, have children, raise their children, and do household chores. In recent years, women entered the business life more, these tasks added to be a successful business woman. Nowadays, a woman who has children has to be a good mother and be successful in business life. But there was no increase in the time it takes to perform all these tasks. Women nowadays have to do a lot more work in the same time. This leads to a feeling of inadequate in women.

Worry about not being successful…

The fear of the mother's inability to provide adequate education to her child and the ability to raise her child well leads to the often mentioned “super motherhood günümüzde. The mother, who has these concerns, tries to ensure that she cannot give from the outside and can put the child under the burden she cannot carry. This can be a positive way of thinking as long as it does not force the child. However, the capacity of the child must always be taken into consideration. Because of the unrest in the mother due to the aggravating conditions, after a while also affects the child negatively.

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