Effects of father behaviors on child development

Effects of father behaviors on child development

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In a child's life, the roles of parents are different and none can take on the role of the other. Today, feared and thought to scold the child when he came home in the "father" model, saying that slowly disappeared. Mehmet Yavuz says that parents are now more conscious about raising children.

Fathers are now more understanding…

In traditional families, a father may come to mind, an authoritarian model that earns money and meets the needs of the house. But nowadays, especially in the families where the mother works, the role of ğı father artık has changed dramatically. The old tough and angry fathers were replaced by a savvy, sweet-tough "male" model who was interested in her child, effective in solving problems.

The Way To Be A Good Father Goes Through Patience and Experience!

Stating that the babies' interest and devotion to their mother in the first years was directed to the father from the second age. Yavuz underlines that the right communication in the father-child relationship is physical contact and spending productive time together. Yavuz says that no one is born as a "good father" and emphasizes that being a father will be achieved through love, experience, patience and knowledge.

Father, the most important source of trust for the child…

Father; is the most important model around the child. The most important point in the father-child relationship, which may differ according to boys and girls, is that trust in the father in childhood plays a serious role in the adulthood. The parents who are aware of this think that every move is an investment in the child's future. Yavuz, fathers with studies in the male fathers, stressed that the child is more relevant. He added that the boy has more common interests with the father. Yavuz underlined that the father is a unique source of trust for the girls.

A good father model accelerates the child's development and increases the father's self-confidence. In families with a healthy father-child relationship, the child, who receives love and attention from his father, succeeds both in social life and in school life, and improves his manual skills with the support of his father.

Gaining Sexual Identity Through Father

The first "male" model that a child recognizes is the father. Yavuz, especially the male models of sexual identity from the father, the girls in the sense of recognition and trust in the opposite sex is affected by the father stressed.

Father-child relationship will occur in the mind of the child "good father" concept that the mother's support is inevitable, indicating that. Yavuz said that the relationship between the parents greatly affected the child. Therefore, it is extremely important for the child's mental health that the mother correctly defines the concept of baba father a to the child and that he does not contradict his behavior.

Attention in Father-Child Relationship!

* The child should show love, care and time.
* It is important to meet baby's health, nutrition and cleaning needs. This relationship is an important part of a more healthy future relationship.
* Accept the child as it is, should not compare with others.
* The child's efforts, should support positive behavior, in the face of failures should be patient, calm and constructive.
* All behaviors should be a good model to the child.

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