Dental health in children begins before teething

Dental health in children begins before teething

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DentGroup Kids founder, pediatric dentist Neşve Kayabaşoğlu conveys to her parents the magic formula of children's oral and dental health since infancy: “Clean, brush, provide the habit of brushing” and adds: they do not think they should care about oral health. Children, even if their teeth are not removed, gums should be cleaned twice a day with a wet cloth ”.Babies given to babies before or during sleep at night, due to the content of sugar, can cause widespread and rapidly developing caries, Kayabaşoğlu milk during the day, released in the mouth throughout the day stresses that it does not cause such bruises due to the prevention of saliva. “During sleep, there is no saliva flow, and the milk that is in contact with the surface of the tooth for almost 12 hours begins to decay the teeth, N Neşve Kayabaşoğlu said,“ You should not put milk in your baby's bottle after 1 year of age. If your child enjoys sleeping with the bottle, you can put water in the bottle. GösterMothers and fathers have important businessPrimarily breast milk, in the following months, food, fruit and vegetable puree and juices fed children, even if the teeth have not come out, gum cleaning twice a day with a wet cloth, is important in terms of the beginning of oral and dental health Kayabaşoğlu emphasizing the dental care for new babies “The rule is very clear, anlat he says. Tooth comes out, brushing starts. You can clean the teeth with gauze soaked in warm water or with tooth wipes until the molars are removed. To clean the molars, you will definitely need a brush. The brushing will only result if it is done by the mother or father. After the children brush their teeth, it is important to remember that parents must also brush their teeth. Dr. Neşve Kayabaşoğlu said, “When putty-free brushing is performed, unpleasant odor and taste may occur in the child's mouth. This may prevent the child from being motivated. Therefore, we recommend infant pastes which do not have any harm in swallowing of infants aged 0-3 years. Children who are able to spit after 3 years of age can brush their teeth with children's toothpastes with a small amount of flour. ”

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