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Fluid consumption in children in summer

Fluid consumption in children in summer

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Fluid requirement varies according to children's ageThe amount of water to be consumed varies depending on the age, weight, height and intensity of physical activity of children. However, in general terms, the need for fluid in children according to age is as follows. 6 - 12 months in infants: 30 - 100 ml1-3 years of children: 1-3 liters4-8 years of children: 1-4 liters : 1-2 litersParents should be examples of water drinking habitsChildren who play a role role model in many different subjects tend to behave like their parents about water drinking habits. For this reason, in the consumption of water, which is a vital necessity, parents should exhibit exemplary behavior to their children. Frequent drinking next to children and telling the child that water is important for our health will be beneficial in this sense.When should water be given?When solid food intake is started in infants aged 8-12 months, it will be appropriate to give water after meals every 3-4 hours. If the child is between 1 and 5 years of age, it is correct to give water every 2-3 hours after a meal. Since water before meals may prevent eating in children and infants, it would be a better choice to give water after meals.Harm to child health due to insufficient fluid intakeInadequate fluid intake in children prepares the environment for health problems such as learning difficulties, lack of attention, failure of the kidneys to fulfill their duties, the removal of harmful substances from the body properly, dryness of the skin, dry mouth and eyes, restlessness, weakness, nervousness, and inability to properly adjust body temperature.Two healthy drinks for children; buttermilk and waterIn the summer, children lose sweating and excess fluid due to the rising temperatures. It is imperative that this lost liquid is completely recovered through drinks. The most suitable drinks for children in this sense; buttermilk and water. Buttermilk; is a beverage rich in sodium and chloride ions. Buttermilk also balances the body's fluid flow, provides normal blood pressure and potassium and children's physical and mental development positively affect the water. Parents should therefore drink plenty of water and ayran to their children, especially in the summer.

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