How should we dress our children?

How should we dress our children?

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Our garments an In order to protect the human body from difficult environmental conditions, the garments that were used by the first people in prehistoric ages have become important symbols that tell us about our view of life, our style and choices as well as this purpose. tops of items. For this reason, the issue of clothing should be considered from childhood and choices should be made to support the development of the individual in a positive way.

Since each age period has different developmental characteristics, the child's developmental characteristics should be followed and the choices should be guided. For example, children become very active and flexible in their developmental stages, they want to constantly run and jump and discover different body movements. It is very important to buy clothes that will provide children with freedom of movement, not restrict them, which are suitable for all kinds of flexibility, and also to make sure that the materials used in clothes are suitable for children's skin and that we make our choices on clothes that use natural products rather than artificial products, we will not jeopardize your health.

What can you do?

• Use of buttons in baby clothes is objectionable. Because when the baby grows up and gets to know the environment, there may be a danger of swallowing the buttons as it will take everything he finds to his mouth. For this reason, it should be paid attention that buttoned garments are dressed after a certain age.

• It is a great pleasure for children between the ages of three and four to get dressed and undressed on their own. For this reason, the garments selected from easy-to-open auxiliary materials will help the child.

• Due to its ease of use, the tire is a frequently used auxiliary material for infants and children's clothing. If the tire is tight, it causes damage to the waist, arms and legs and has a negative effect on blood circulation. For this reason, care should be taken that the tires are not too tight.

• Zippers are widely used in children's clothing, but are usually seen in overclothes. Using zipper in the trousers of three to four years old men can lead to accidents.

• Children also want to try their creativity on clothing choices, so they want to make their own choices. In this type of drum, it is much more convenient and supportive for your child to make his own choice instead of determining what you should wear. Thus, your child will activate both his creativity and decision-making and enjoy his activity.

• Try not to help them too much while children wear their clothes. Encourage your child to dress up, and sometimes you may even be challenging. Children will ask you for help in the event of a slight strain while getting dressed, but responding to every request for help of children will damage their development and make children dependent on adult individuals instead. Don't worry, çocuklar How will the children get dressed if we don't help? Çünkü because as a result of my observations, I have witnessed that children can find very creative solutions !!!

Source: The Effect of Clothing on Child's Growth Journey Dr. Contact Filiz directly Figen Özeren, Çoluk Children's Journal, Issue 43, 2004.

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