Pregnant women need to be protected twice in hot weather

Pregnant women need to be protected twice in hot weather

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Dr.Ebru Füsun Akbay from Anadolu Medical Center gave useful information to pregnant women to spend a more comfortable period in summer heat.

With the increasing temperature, a difficult period has started for pregnant women. During pregnancy, there is a natural increase in body temperature due to changes in hormones and accelerated blood flow. Pregnant women are already feeling themselves constantly warm, and the warming of the weather can really put them in trouble. In order to minimize this distress, it is useful to remember some simple, easy-to-apply tricks that we all know but sometimes come to mind.

    • ● During pregnancy, especially in hot weather, it is important to take plenty of oral fluids. Because the body's silence can cause contractions in the uterus and premature labor and premature labor. However, the hussus should be taken into consideration when taking liquid, avoiding caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee, tea and cola, which causes loss of fluid in the body due to frequent urination. It is also necessary to avoid carbonated soda drinks because it increases the swelling in the body due to the salts it contains. Recommended is to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Iced, mint and lemon flavored drinks can be tried.
    • ● Do not go outside in sunny weather between 11.00 and 16.00 unless absolutely necessary. Always use shade and light breezes. Melatonin naturally increases during pregnancy and the skin tends to readily tan and stain. Apply sunblock with suitable UVB protection 20 minutes before sun exposure.
    • ● In the last 3 months of pregnancy, one in three pregnant women develop swelling of the hands and especially the feet. The increase in air temperature and humidity increases the swelling in the body. It is recommended that pregnant women sit and raise their feet at every opportunity and massage the feet and legs if possible. Foot baths help reduce swelling in the feet and ankles. The addition of natural essential oils such as peppermint to these baths also provides refreshment. Accessories such as rings and bracelets should be removed from the fingers and hands before swelling, so that they do not interfere with blood flow.
    • ● Another way to reduce the effect of heat is to take a cool shower frequently. It is even possible to cool off by swimming and sitting in the pool or in the sea, if possible. Filling and sitting in the bathtub in the house has the same effect.
    • ● Excessive sweating during pregnancy causes excessive water loss by sweating. In addition to light activities such as yoga or t'ai chi, exercise in water is a good solution. Drinking water after exercise should not be neglected.
    • ● It is recommended to choose clothing that reflects light sun rays. Wide and comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton and linen prevent sweating and provide freedom of movement.
    ● Flat, breathe your feet, the choice of comfortable shoes will reduce the squeeze and discomfort arising from foot swelling as well as reduce the risk of falling.

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