Your date of birth and auspicious tree

Your date of birth and auspicious tree

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The day you were born, it reveals which tree you came from. Here are your dates and features…

December 23-31: The Apple tree
01-11 January: Fir
January 12-24: Elm
January 25-February 3: Cypress
February 04-08: Poplar
09-18 February: Cedar
February 19-28: Pine
01-10 March: Weeping willow
March 11-20: Linden
March 21: Oak
March 22-31: Hazelnut
01-10 April: Rowanberry
April 11-20: Maple
April 21-30: Walnut
01-14 May: Poplar
May 15-24: Chestnut
May 25-June 3: ashen
04-13 June: Hornbeam
June 14-23: FIG
June 24: birch
June 25-July 4: Apple
July 05-14: Pine
July 15-25: Elm
July 26-August 4: Cypress
04-13 August: Poplar
August 14-23: Cedar
August 24-September 2: Pine
September 03-12: Willow
September 13-22: Linden
September 23: Olive
September 24-October 3: Hazelnut
October 04-13: Rowanberry
October 14-23: Maple
October 24-November 11: Walnut
November 12-21: Chestnut
November 22 - December 1: ashen
02-11 December: Hornbeam
December 12-21: FIG
December 22: Beech

Apple: (Love) Attractive, physically remarkable, impressive sahip It has a pleasant aura. Flirty and adventurous but sensitive and always in love. Curious to love and be loved. Faithful and precise blowing. Generous. He's capable of scientific subjects. Today's imagination is high.

Chestnut: (Honesty) It has an unusual beauty, but it doesn't bother to impress people. Fair and cheerful. He is a natural diplomat. Very uneasy, but sensitive in any relationship. Sometimes he acts unusual. He's having trouble finding a girlfriend.

Fig: (Sensitivity) He is a strong, independent, good father and animal lover who does not allow much controversy and contradictions, is fond of family life. It's like a social butterfly. He understands jokes, loves idleness and laziness. It has selfishness. Smart and practical.

Ash: (Ambition) He has a different charm, is full of life, is demanding, acts thoughtlessly and does not listen to criticism. Ambitious, intelligent, talented, fateful
who likes to rule, is suitable to be egoistic. But you can trust him. Sometimes his brain can dominate his heart. Relations takes very seriously and is loyal.

Beech: (Creativity) It has good taste. It attaches importance to appearance and its appearance. It's considered materialistic. He works hard and regularly for his life and career. It does not enter unnecessary risks. It is a reasonable type. Pay attention to physics with diet and sports

Birch: (Inspired) He is full of life, impressive, elegant, friendly, unpretentious, modest, doesn't like excesses, hates rough things. He prefers a natural and calm life. He's not too passionate. Imagination is high and less ambitious. Residents and create suitable environments.

Cedar: (Confidence) Elegant, able to keep up with any environment, loves luxury, cares for your health, self-confident, looking a little above the others. Stable, impatient and like to influence others. He is optimistic and resourceful. And he waits for his true and only love. Decides quickly.

Cypress: (Loyalty) Strong, physically eyebrowed, able to fit into any environment, do not deal with life much, contented, optimistic, curious about money Hates loneliness. It's too easy to satisfy. But loyal. The mode changes quickly. He won't obey the rules. He's a little cocky and indifferent.

Elm: (Noble): Maffik is physically straightforward, paying attention to his clothing, not escaping extremes in his demands, giving joy to people, loving to lead, but not liking to be under him. She is a honest and loyal wife. He likes to decide for others. It is generous. Practical intelligence is strong and has a good sense of humor

Fir: (Mystery) It has a female taste. Sophisticated and capable. He loves everything beautiful. He is a stubborn, quick-changing, selfish person who cares about those who are close to him. He can't be very humble. It is ambitious. She's a hard-to-satisfy lover. There are many friends. Because you can trust him.

Hazelnut: (Extraordinary) Attractive, insightful, knows how to affect people, not too demanding, active and sociable in social life, even fighting one. His psychological state changes quickly. He's a whimsical lover. But, he is honest and forgiving for his wife. It has a flawless judgment.

Hornbeam: (Pleasure owner) Cool one beautiful. Tooth appearance and to be well cared for. The owner is delightful. He thinks of others more than himself. He tries for making the life easy as far as possible. It guides you to a disciplined life. He is polite in their relationship. Want to find different Valentines. It wouldn't be easy for him to be happy about his emotions. Mostly, he doesn't trust others. He is never sure for his desicions.

Linden: (Doubt) He accepts what life brings to him. He hates fighting and argument. Hardworking, lazy and selfishness does not like at all, stressful. Soft-tempered and compassionate. He sacrifices for his friends without hesitation. Despite being resourceful, he does not know how to evaluate them. It is grouchy. Jealous, but loyal.

Maple: (Free intelligence) He is an extraordinary person, full of imagination and originality. He is shy, ambitious, proud, confident, hungry for new experiences. He usually has a nervous and nervous structure. Memory is strong. Very easy to learn. Love is a bit complicated. He likes to impress others.

Oak: (Courage): It is robust, brave, powerful, independent and sociable. There is not a lot of pity. He doesn't like to leave his job to chance. Feet firmly on the ground
like to print. it is moving

Olive: (Virtue): He likes the sun and the warm weather. He has reasonable feelings! It avoids aggression and violence. It is calm and tolerant. A sense of justice is developed. She likes to read and deal with sophisticated people

Pine: (Rigorous) She likes harmonious relationships. Vigorous and powerful. He knows how to be comfortable. It is natural and active. He's a good partner. He's quick, but his fire goes out quickly. Everything is temporary until you find the ideal. It is reliable and practical.

Poplar: (Unsatisfied) He's not self-confident, he's just brave when he's needed. He likes to be strong behind him and to be in contact with tight people. He is very selective. Usually alone. It has an artistic nature. It holds a grudge. He's a good organizer. He likes to hang out philosophically. But he's always reliable. He also cares about their relationship.

Rowan: (Sensitivity) He is remarkable, cheerful and selfish. Depends on life. Both dependent and independent depending on location and situation
can. It is enjoyable. Emotional, sensitive, it is passionate and artistic features. It's a good thing, but it's hard to forgive.

Walnut: (Passion): He's weird and full of contrasts. Egoistic and aggressive. It shows unexpected reactions. He has a noble spirit. Spontaneous valve. He is very ambitious and has no flexibility. It is a hard and blowing out of the ordinary. He likes it very hard. He'il just appreciate it. He's very jealous and passionate. He doesn't like to sacrifice too much to adapt. He produces interesting strategies.

Bunch of willow: (Melancholy) Beautiful and very melancholic. Curious thing is beautiful and tasteful. He likes to travel. Hayalperesttir.Kaprisli but honesttırdır.Başar gives importance to the feelings of others. He is demanding. Their intuition is also strong. She suffers in love, but she can find somebody to anchor.

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