Importance of lifestyle in IVF treatment

Importance of lifestyle in IVF treatment

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Professor Dr. Bülent Shave gives information about the importance of lifestyle during IVF treatment.How does lifestyle affect success in IVF treatment?The time of initiation of IVF treatment and lifestyle "curve-line" should be discussed on the table. It should be kept in mind that the poor living conditions should be kept away without forgetting that there will be great labor and serious interference. Insomnia until late hours, fasting and dieting the body constantly, dealing with excessive strenuous jobs and not creating the necessary life conditions in the treatment will be highly impaired chances of success. The existence of an atmosphere in which labor will not be ignored and appropriate conditions for the development of a "new life" is an important factor after deciding on an IVF initiative.How important is the stress factor in IVF treatments?It is desirable to stay away from bad effects such as stress after deciding treatment. Sudden losses in the family, big job changes and domestic problems can cause unsuccessful attempts. Couples are able to fight against stress factors in their own will, the goal is to start the in vitro fertilization attempts in full equipment. Therapies may require drawing lines to some areas of life before, during, and after. Especially if these habits such as alcohol and tobacco will harm the body in terms of fertility, the chance of success in treatment will increase. IVF treatments will cover a period of one month, starting a long-term marathon with a positive result. In this respect, the bad habit limit drawn by physicians should not be ruled out.

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