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How is the skin affected by seasonal changes?
Skin is the only organ that comes into contact with environmental factors and protects our body from external factors. Therefore, external factors and the body's own systems play an important role in the aging and wear process. The needs of the skin change during the seasonal changes. Changes in heat, humidity, wind and ultraviolet rays during the seasonal passages adversely affect the skin. In winter, with the cooling of the pores tighten, oil secretion increases. Cold shrinking capillaries, reduces blood flow. Because the skin's nutrition is disrupted, its color becomes more discolored and dull. Wind, on the other hand, causes sudden removal of moisture from the skin and excessive drying and cracking of the surface.

What can be done to protect the skin?
To protect the skin, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition, increase water consumption and skin care. The application of masks made of natural fruit acids and brown sugar to prevent dead cells from remaining on the skin helps the skin to breathe and increase its nutrition and delay aging. Since sunscreen should be applied in summer and winter, caution should be exercised in winter. Vegetables and fruits should be fed mainly and water should not be neglected. PRP (platelet rich plasma), a new type of mesotherapy, also helps to protect the skin. In this application, platelets with high repair power in the blood taken from the person are separated by plasma and re-injected into the skin of the person. In addition to PRP, a fast-acting antiaging method, proper care and moisturizing are also part of the work. The skin reacts by producing more fat than normal to meet moisture loss in cold weather. This increases the formation of acne and blackheads. Therefore, the use of deep moisturizing serum and masks, cleansing and exfoliation (excretion of the dead skin) effective, seasonal and skin needs to be appropriate to use the seasonal needs.

How to clean the skin?
In the case of skin cleansing, care should be taken not to sleep with makeup. The skin should be cleaned with an alcohol-free cleanser suitable for the type of skin and at least once a day. The function of makeup cleansers and skin cleansers is not the same. Make-up remover products generally contain solvent oil and are applied without water. Skin cleansers are used after cleansing makeup and with water. It is also beneficial to use lotion after cleansing the skin as it pores the skin pores without opening too much.

What can be done to ensure that the hair worn in summer is healthy for winter?
Sweating in the summer, the sea, the pool and sun wear out because of the hair. Hair that dries over time and loses moisture should be washed once a day instead of being washed continuously. Care should also be taken to drink enough water to prevent the hair follicles from thirst. Applications that increase wear such as blow dryer, tongs should be avoided. Keratin-containing masks and creams that nourish the hair should be used. It should be noted that the diet is also a part of hair care. Balanced and regular, it is extremely important to eat mainly fruits and vegetables.

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