Is the mother's instinct real?

Is the mother's instinct real?

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Conducting the research. Nicolas Mathevon recorded the crying of 29 babies between 58 and 153 days. 15 of the babies were from France and 14 of them were from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The reason for the selection of babies from Africa and France was to understand whether cultural differences had an impact on this situation. Families were asked to distinguish which baby was their baby while the recordings were being played.KNOW MORE THAN A TIME WITH BABYAs a result, 90 percent of families were able to correctly distinguish between crying their own babies. This rate was 98 percent in mothers and 90 percent in fathers who spent frequent time with their children. Only 75 percent of fathers who spent less than four hours a day with their babies were able to recognize their children correctly. Experts think that maternal instinct is actually about having more time with babies than the time fathers spend.

Source: Liberty

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