Activities in the fall with children

Activities in the fall with children

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Seasonal changes create fun opportunities for children to teach nature. It is up to you not to miss these opportunities and to enjoy those moments together with your child.

The autumn season is also a very important time period where you can present different information about nature to your child. Humans, animals and plants make various changes in their lives in order to adapt to this season. It is one of the important tasks for us adults to tell children about these changes happening around them and to make them more careful about their environment.

However, some of the families and educators may show very wrong attitudes. Instead of designing various activities for children to recognize the autumn season, they confine them to indoor spaces and prevent children from exploring nature during this season. Parents and educators who do not include such activities in order to prevent children from being affected by the seasonal changes are actually keeping the child away from an important learning environment and have a negative impact on the development of the child.

You can eliminate the negative conditions of seasonal changes with small changes and create a learning environment that is fun and full of information for your child. Here are some suggestions for the various activities you will do with your child during this season…

What can you do?

• Take care to spend time in nature with your child. Try to do nature walks with him. You can even go hiking to the park closest to your home. During this walk, you can ask your child various questions about autumn so that he or she can become aware of the subject. For example, you can help your child think more about autumn by asking questions such as nasıl how does the color of autumn leaves ”or ım what can I do in summer but what you can do in autumn”.

• Take your child's fishing boots so that they can walk outdoors in rainy weather. With these boots, your child will not soak his foot and enjoy the rain to the fullest.

• Try to explore nature with your child. For example, by collecting leaves of different colors, dry some of those leaves and examine them with a magnifying glass. Ask your child various questions while examining the leaves with a magnifying glass and try to find out what he / she has experienced in this activity. Then examine the dried leaves and talk about the differences between what you do not dry.

• You can also make painting works with the leaves you have dried. With the help of leaves you can design different shapes. For example, designing animal shapes (especially dinosaurs) from leaves is one of the activities that children always enjoy. However, when doing such an activity with children, the most important issue that adults should pay attention to is to give the child the chance to choose within the activity. Instead of directing the child the way we want, it is very important to give the opportunity to his creativity and help him to create the designs he wants.

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