Let your child be addicted to computer and television!

Let your child be addicted to computer and television!

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Clinical Psychologist Özden Bademci from Bağdat Street Polyclinic at Yeditepe University Hospital said, “Parents need to set limits and implement these limits in order to balance their children's time in front of computers and television. Computer and television should not have more than 1-2 hours per day. Televizyon

Children spend most of their time with television and computers, especially during the holidays. However, this situation can adversely affect the development of children. Clinical Psychologist Özden Bademci from Yeditepe University Hospital Bağdat Street Polyclinic said, “Television is a communication tool. While feeding the child's imagination on the one hand, he also shows him that they have not seen him and informs him. However, over-watching television has many negative consequences, from obesity to social developmental disability in children. ”

Bademci said that watching children before the age of 2 will not contribute to them and will only harm them, saying the following about the effects of television:
“0-2 years is infancy. This period is the period when the baby needs the most communication and human relations. Developmental disabilities are seen in infants left in front of television during this period. And because not every program on television is suitable for the child, uncontrolled television watching can even lead him to learn the wrong things, develop fears or turn to violence. ”

Follow 1-2 hours

Bademci emphasized that parents should balance their children's use of computers and television and explains what needs to be done:

Eveyn Parents need to set and enforce limits so that children can balance their computer and television use. At the beginning of these limits, the child is allowed to watch television for a certain period of time and when that time expires, the television is turned off despite all protests. The television viewing times at home also need to be determined. It is best not to turn on the television during meal times when the family is together. Parents need to be aware of what the child is watching after deciding how long the child will watch television and what to watch. Parents' knowledge of what their children are watching helps them both communicate with their children and improve their existing communication. From time to time, watching and talking about the programs that the child watches together helps the child to socialize and develop communication skills. Thus, television is no longer an activity in which the child becomes isolated and alienated.

Computer and television should not be allocated more than 1-2 hours a day. When the child is more alone, he / she turns to such activities. Television should not be used as a reward or blackmail, and television should not become a savior when the parent is busy. Because such a situation prevents you from developing a specific program. What children do and what they do and how they set an example for their children is more effective in developing healthy habits. Therefore, parents should be able to apply the habits they want to bring to their children in their own lives first.
Instead of spending time in front of the television and computer, the child being with his or her friends, setting up games with them, spending time within the framework of the rules agreed on them allows them to discharge and have a good time. Street games also contribute to the social and emotional development of the child. For these games, children have to act according to certain rules and to determine their own posture within the group and develop behavior according to their friends. This improves their social skills. ”

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