The father's third trimester of pregnancy

The father's third trimester of pregnancy

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The last three months of pregnancy began. In 90 days, you and your partner will have your baby. Your wife's body makes the final adjustments and your baby starts preparing for birth. You should prepare as a pregnant father against the flood of new emotions you will fall into when your baby is born. Maybe you're starting to wonder what it's like to be a father. What do you expect from your new role as a father? Thinking that your father is a model for fatherhood may not suit you as a father. Paternity varies considerably from generation to generation. Even the expectations of social and social paternity twenty years ago are quite different from today. Paternity and parenting are not fixed roles. The roles of fathers are influenced by society in time according to the needs and lives of each family. Starting to think of your own father and his fatherhood will push you into more comfortable emotions. What do you like most about your father? What will you do differently? Buson circuit, you are at a good time to review the adjustments and business relationships you want to make after or after birth. Remember that you need to be flexible with your plans. Nobody knows exactly what happens when their babies are born. And even the best-made plans often require new adjustments due to feelings and circumstances that are not taken into account before the birth of the baby. Taking prenatal lessons is a way to make you feel ready for childbirth. More importantly, if you take lessons with your partner, you can be prepared to share the birth experience as a couple more easily. What will you do at birth? What do you expect from your partner? Do you take into account what you need? Lessons will help you understand the stages of the birth process and learn what is expected of you in the event of childbirth. In the last period, physical changes in your partner's body will intensify. At the same time, these physical changes will affect his psychological state. As men, their bodies do not parallel with ours, their hormones work very differently during pregnancy. The excitement of the second cycle is not a guarantee that the baby will feel the same way in the last cycle. They think they've lost control of their bodies, and it can be a terrible experience. During the last month, you may feel that your partner's distress is increasing and he needs more help. Be patient with each other! Note the need for open communication. If you think you have too much responsibility at work and in preparing for the baby's arrival, share it with your partner. It's time to support each other. Review the experience of other fathers. Friends, family, fathers in your prenatal class, other fathers you work with will be the source of sized support.

Now we would like to offer you some advice for pregnant fathers in the last three months;

For your partner;
• If possible, prepare your baby's bed with your partner, furniture, extra meal preparation, preparing the house for the baby…
• Watch at least two films about your birth.
• Tell him that he needs to know that you will be with him at birth.
• Navigate to the place of birth.

For yourself;
• Start planning the birth. Check your working hours for birth and after, be prepared for sleepless nights !, make the necessary applications.
• Talk to two new fathers about their experience with the birth of their baby.
• Talk to fathers in your childbirth class.

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