Wondering about breastfeeding

Wondering about breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is the most perfect food for babies. Because it contains all the nutrients your baby needs. sleep longer, less gas problems.

Especially in the first birth, the mother should prepare herself for the idea that she will breastfeed her baby. Small breasts are not associated with the function of breastfeeding, nipple collapse will improve as the baby suckles the amount of secreted milk will increase as it should be known. The inside view of the breast is seen in the milk production vesicles (alveoli), the ducts coming out of the vesicles and the milk carrying the produced milk to the nipple and the surrounding muscle and fat tissue. Because the size of each woman is larger than women with large breasts, the smaller ones can not believe the right to give less milk. We can say the following: The brain secretes prolactin hormone into the blood in response to this stimulation. This hormone provides the production of milk from the aforementioned milk production vesicles. Thanks to a hormone called oxytocin, the vesicles contract and the milk channels flow through the channels. milk in the baby's mouth to continue to suck the baby's milk in the pool on the one hand, while the other hand empties with the milk on the other hand. To continue milk production in the appropriate position and often breastfeeding and breast milk must be emptied.

Some women carry the fear that breasts will hang if breastfeeding. With the help of the uterus to return to the size of the pre-pregnancy to return to the old size.

Every woman knows how to breastfeed.Many mothers present this natural food to their child without thinking. Ilk Being a good mother sayılır is considered the first condition of raising a healthy baby. If you have questions about breastfeeding, you can consult with an experienced relative. remains or can not give milk that is an indispensable nutrient for the baby.

The first thing you will pay attention to is how your baby expresses how hungry it is to learn how to express. knows where to apply.

Nowadays, the importance of breastfeeding is very well understood as soon as the baby is born, modern maternity hospitals should be arranged in such a way that the baby and the mother can stay together. milk (colostrum) will benefit the baby at the highest level.

For 72 hours after birth, the breasts produce a thin yellowish liquid. This is called anterior milk or colostrum, scientifically called. Water consists of protein, home minerals. Regular and regular breastfeeding. Don't be surprised by the appearance of your milk. Don't say that it doesn't suck because of its watery and creamy color. .Baby breastfeeding request crying. The occasional search of the baby is the reflex of the search for the first three months.

The total breastfeeding process of both breasts is between 5-20 minutes. Today, it is the most widely accepted opinion. It is enough to give 5 minutes for both breasts. Then this period is gradually increased. often can be intermittent up to 4.5 hours.A lot of babies sleep 7 hours uninterrupted after feeding at night.In this case the baby should not be awakened for feeding. Infant water or other nutrients other than breast milk will reduce the feeling of hunger, and therefore affect the child's feeding power and accordingly, no additional food should be given in breast-fed infants. 70-80% of the mother's milk is also water. need not be given.

Breast milk baby's stool golden yellow color of light water consistency. 8-10 times a day can be considered normal defecation. The amount of alcohol in the mother's blood is equal to the amount of alcohol in breast milk. Therefore, mothers should not drink alcohol. they may harm the baby.

Most of the drugs are transferred to milk by 1% and mothers are allowed to use many drugs. Breastfeeding and plenty of milk can be stored in the refrigerator for 6-12 hours by milking the mother's milk. This milk can be used when the mother needs to go out. will make it perfect.

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