Beware of decay in the milk teeth!

Beware of decay in the milk teeth!

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Tooth Decay Caused by Bottles

Tooth decay can be seen in infancy and preschool period due to malnutrition and breastfeeding habits. It causes excessive damage to the primary teeth. Pedodontist Sibel Emiroğlu working in Acıbadem Hospital Kadıköy baby bottle decay, its causes and consequences.

The reasons for the bottle decay are the feeding of the bottle and the mother's breast for years, feeding the child a bottle of milk mixed with various sweetening foods during the night feeding, the use of the pacifier immersed in sugar and honey, and the feeding of the delight, especially during sleep.

Reduced swallowing reflex and saliva flow during sleep prolongs caries' residence time on teeth. Prolonged contact of milk with teeth (including breast milk and all kinds of milk) causes significant caries. Carbohydrates added to milk also increase the caries effect.

Usually only the roots remain in the mouth as the incisors are completely devastated. Caries gradually spread to the rear teeth. During sucking, the lower incisors decay much less than they are covered by the tongue and protected by saliva.

Milk should be regarded as a potentially rotten food and should comply with normal oral hygiene rules. Teeth should be brushed and / or rinsed with water. Sweeteners should not be mixed into the milk.

Restoring nutritional habits is a multifactorial approach to the application of professional caries inhibitors such as fissure sealants and fluoride, to maintain oral hygiene and to prevent caries.

Bottle rot is not expected in every child who uses a bottle. The dental health of the family, pregnancy and birth history of the mother, some personal characteristics of the babies (mineralization status of enamel layer, amount of saliva) play a role in the formation of caries.

Feeding disorders occur due to tooth pain in children with bottle decay, their overall health deteriorates and development is adversely affected. Again, these children tend to have gum disease and closure disorders.

Early diagnosis of bottle caries therefore makes the attention of the families important for the children to meet with dentists. In the treatment of such bruises that occur at a very young age, the problem of adaptation is encountered in children. Children are kept under control in order to continue the success of the treatments in the future.

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