Should children aged 0-2 watch television?

Should children aged 0-2 watch television?

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Television is undoubtedly an indispensable communication tool of our age. It occupies an important place in the lives of many people. When it comes to children, you have to be very careful about television. Television can pose a great danger to the growing children's brain.

We do not want children between 0-2 years to watch television. Even the television is turned on in the background is extremely harmful. Let's take a look at the reasons.

The majority of brain development in children is between 0-2 years. The mental development of children goes through four stages according to Piagete. The first stage is the sensory or sensorineural period between 0-2 years. During this period, the child understands that he is something different from the environment. Learning happens through the senses and movement. Even a facial movement or change in tone of voice affects learning a lot. In this period, the fact that television is in the child's life is a big problem. Because television teaches the child passively learning. Communication in the brain, interferes with the effects that will develop in response to impact. Unfortunately television is easy and addictive even for children at this age. We see that children watching television have less social relationships and learn to speak more slowly than children who do not watch television. At this age, and even if possible until the age of 3 never met television is very useful for mental development. Usually mothers and baby television? questions. In fact, the program for babies does not change the event. Again, learning is passive, and even if the material being taught is appropriate for the child's age, the teaching method is more important at this age, causing harm to the child.

How does television affect children? It prevents children from condensing their attention and concentration. Also, there is a connection between the excess of watching television and obesity and hence high blood pressure, heart disease. The dose of violence on television is unfortunately too much for children and this is a topic that needs to be carefully considered. Behavioral problems and aggression increase when children watch violent programs.

In summary Children between 0-2 years of age should not watch any television. Then the television must be limited to one hour a day. Parents should monitor what children are watching, and even interact with them, if possible, discuss and discuss with them. Television should not be used as a babysitter. In addition, parents should restrict television in their own lives and ensure that it does not interfere with physical activity and communication, and set an example for children.

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