Should pregnant women use vitamins?

Should pregnant women use vitamins?

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Pregnancy is usually a period in which all body requirements increase at certain rates. For this reason, women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant are often advised by their doctors to use preparations containing many vitamins and minerals together. Women Health and Diseases Specialist Op. Dr. Contact Alper directly share the curiosity on the subject.

: - Is it necessary to take prenatal vitamins?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Alper directly This condition, which is called prenatal vitamin supplementation, is still an issue that has not yet been decided by the scientific community. In the United States, the FDA and one of the largest scientific associations, the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), have not published any guidelines on the use of vitamins in pregnancy. However, there are many prenatal vitamins that are suitable for use in pregnancy both in developed countries and in our country, and many physicians recommend their use during pregnancy. As a general rule, prenatal vitamins contain more iron, calcium and folic acid than normally sold vitamin preparations. Similarly, vitamin A, which can cause adverse effects in the developing baby when taken in overdose, is also present in lower doses in these preparations.

: - Is it not possible to provide these vitamins by a balanced and regular diet?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Alper directly To be realistic, it is not necessary to give all vitamins externally during pregnancy in a woman who is fed regularly and balanced. With a balanced diet, a pregnant woman is taking all the vitamins she needs. On the other hand, a balanced and ideal diet is often not possible unless special efforts are made. Some minerals and vitamins can be taken in even lower doses even in those who are very careful. Group B vitamins are effective in preventing nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy. Again, the need for calcium increases in a pregnant woman. Although this calcium can be taken with milk and dairy products, it may still be useful to support the vitamins from the teeth. In addition, the use of vitamins, which are becoming widespread all over the world, affects pregnant women and women who do not use vitamins may be affected psychologically negatively.

: - Should every pregnant woman use vitamins?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Alper directly If you are healthy, properly nourished and without a special risk factor, your doctor may not recommend using vitamins during your pregnancy. However, irrespective of prenatal vitamins, you should use folic acid for the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, starting one month before conception. Since most of the pregnancies occur unplanned, it is recommended that women discontinuing use folic acid regularly. If you have anemia before you become pregnant or at the beginning of your pregnancy, you should also use iron preparations. If you do not have anemia, you can wait 28 weeks to start iron medications. Finally, prenatal vitamin supplementation may be necessary in those who have had a previous health problem or nutrition problem or who have been taking special diet for various reasons. This will be decided by your doctor following your pregnancy. Studies have shown that healthy women do not receive prenatal vitamin supplements during pregnancy, nor do they have an increased risk of having problems in themselves or their babies. Therefore, not using vitamins during pregnancy is not a major problem.

: - Is it harmful to take two tablets a day?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Alper directly There is no harm in taking more vitamins than the recommended dose for a few days, but if this becomes regular, vitamin A can be particularly dangerous. If your doctor recommends that you take more iron or calcium due to your particular condition, it is more appropriate to take these substances as separate medicines.

: - Do you mind if you forget to take vitamins?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Alper directly There is no objection to this.

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