Sexual development and sexual games in children

Sexual development and sexual games in children

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Children's learning about sexuality is of great importance for their development. Memorial Hospital Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Specialist. Contact ayten directly "Children; just like their arms and legs, they need to have positive feelings about their genitals and feel that being a boy or a girl is a good thing. ”

Experiences in Preschool

Lar They like being naked and seeing others naked ”
Babies do not care about their genitals until the end of the first year because they have difficulty seeing organs other than hands and feet. With the advance of age, sexual development accelerates. Spc Erdogan says: emez Children under the age of three cannot know that all organs are a permanent part of themselves. Therefore, for example, when boys see that girls do not have a penis, they may experience the fear of losing their penis. Preschool children enjoy looking at their own bodies and the bodies of others. For this reason, they can play games that involve touching the body of others (such as doctor). Often they are also interested in the body of their parents and may want to touch it. Four-year-olds have a keen interest in words about the toilet and what people do in the bathroom and toilet. ”

Experiences at the Beginning of Primary School
Saying that children continue to be curious about their own bodies in this age. Erdoğan continues: da In this age, children start to hear and talk about sexual intercourse. They often use sexual words they hear from friends. She is particularly interested in pregnancy and birth. ”

Children's sexual games
Children's sexual content should be considered about the play. Erdogan says:

- Children's interest in sexuality and sexual games do not cover all play times. This is one of many things they just want to explore and learn.

- Sexual games for children do not have the same meaning as adults. Sexual games for children reflect their curiosity about the differences between their bodies and genders.

- While children like to look at each other's bodies, sexual games are often played between children who have been friends before.

Is it necessary to worry about children's sexual play?
Experts that it is better to have families around when children play games of this kind. Dr. Ayten Erdoğan says: çocuklar Children playing: if they are the same age and the same size, if they are not forced to do something they do not want to do, it is unnecessary to worry if they are not doing things that a child of that age would not normally know. However, sometimes it may be necessary to be around when children play these games and to ensure a safe play environment for all children. ”

If you find your child playing sexual games
Sa If the parents found the children playing in a sexual game and do not know how to react, they should first take a deep breath and think, konuşan says Uzm.Dr.Erdoğan. The message to be delivered at that time will be of great importance for the child's developing thinking about sexuality and gender. The message of adults and the way they give it should be compatible with the age and maturity level of the child. It should be explained that it is normal to wonder about others, but that children should learn that they and others' sexual organs are special. ”

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