Natural birth and what you wonder about

Natural birth and what you wonder about

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What is natural birth?
Pregnancy itself is a miracle. Birth is another miracle at the end of this process. Many women cannot live this miraculous moment because of their fears. However, birth is not a painful and painful process. On the contrary, every moment is an action that must be enjoyed. Natural birth means that no intervention other than the time of birth, birth rate and mother need.
To explain natural birth with questions and answers, we need to ask the following questions:
What should be considered for the natural life of birth?
First of all, each expectant mother should take care of her own birth… If the mother takes care of her own birth and baby and becomes conscious, it will be easier to prepare for the birth journey. There is no reason not to succeed when you take responsibility for the birth.
Why don't women take care of their own births?
The story of birth that many mothers tell is painful and painful. This is because the mother is focused on pain, pain. As he expected pain and pain, he formed his negative hypnosis about birth.
I'm a normal mother. I have always been amazed by the interpretation of this miraculous feminine moment. When the expectant mother begins to perceive natural birth as a difficult event to experience, her happy excitement turns into anxious expectations. In fact, all the expectant mothers should do is expect the birth with joy and excitement that she learned about her pregnancy. It is gratitude to accept the program written for him and his baby.
What do mothers have to do to protect their births?
First of all, I suggest that mothers should focus on the joy and miracle of the birth. Regardless of the type of birth, birth is a miracle, and thank goodness you must taste it. Saying that doesn't make it possible for every woman to experience it. From birth scenes in the movies to the painful birth stories told by little girls, everything about birth is negative. This places the fear of birth into the subconscious. For this reason, first of all, to live the birth naturally, it is necessary to get out of control of the pain and clean the infected subconscious programs.
Is this where holistic approach to birth comes into play?
In this ”holistic approach to birth” program developed for this purpose, mental healing techniques exactly aim this. With the heavy balls of the program, emotional emancipation, hypnotherapy, prayer, thank goodness, we aim to raise the awareness of the “birth ayı in the mother body.
What are the steps you follow in the studies?
1. What birth is or not is learned correctly.2. The beliefs that have been kept as patterns of fear for years are erased and the techniques of placing the right information are taught.3. The expectant mother reaches the ability to cheerfully welcome the birth process and manage the birth.

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