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Science education supports children's language development

Science education supports children's language development

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When we say kindergarten years and science education, most of us cannot think of anything other than bean experiment but science education continues to be the most important part of kindergarten years. Because science education not only gives children information about the world they live in, but also helps them become more sensitive to their environment. For this reason, educators often emphasize the importance of science education given in kindergarten years, and their families call for sensitivity.

As it can be understood from the title of the article, it is known that science education has aspects to support language development. According to experts, science education is an ideal area for understanding children's interest and tendencies, as well as important features that support their language development. While science education includes many questions, even for adults, we cannot even estimate the number of things that children wonder and want to learn. Taking advantage of the curiosity that children have, we can teach them many things, create speeches on different topics, and improve their vocabulary by reading various books.

Kindergarten teachers also think that science teaching is very useful for children's language development. Many teachers say that children ask many questions during their science activities and that children often engage in dialogue with themselves to learn the answers to these questions. Teachers also point out that children's ability to express themselves and their vocabulary expand during these dialogues.

Educators want families to be sensitive about this, because supporting the education at home is very important for children to understand and reinforce this issue better. For this reason, it is especially supported to have children do many activities to support language development while providing science education in their families.

What can you do?

• Try to understand your child's interests because in any activity you will do together on a topic of interest, your child will both learn more and learn more.

• Once you have identified the topics your child is interested in, try to obtain materials to tell them about your child and to do relevant studies. For example, TUBITAK books designed for children have brought together many experiments that you can do with your children.

• Try to go to places where you can teach your children something about nature. For example, forests, zoos, sea or lake sides and greenhouses… when you go to these places, tell your child the names of the animals, the names of the organs in their bodies (wings, tail, paws ...) and tell your child how they live. If you have a chance to get information from the staff in these places you have gone, try to introduce and talk to your child.

• If you do not have the chance to take your child to one of the places mentioned above, you can introduce him or her to different animals and plants by watching the documentaries.

• Benefit from encyclopedias, you will have started this kind of activity in your child's literacy education as well as helping your child's language development. (Written texts will give your child a visual start on behalf of literacy education).

• Take care to answer your child's questions about the topic. Instead of passing questions you don't know or answering them incorrectly, try to find the answer to that question with your child so that your child understands the importance you attach to the research. Talk to your child and exchange ideas during this research.

• Before experimenting with your child, ask him or her to make predictions about the outcome. By asking questions such as mi When you put this leaf in the sun, do you think there will be a change in the color of the yaparag?


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