Tonsil disease and antibiotic treatment

Tonsil disease and antibiotic treatment

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Stressing that unnecessary antibiotic use should be avoided, Pediatric Health Diseases, Child Allergy and Immunology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Akgül Akpınarlı Antony, tonsil disease fighting by fever, resting, plenty of liquid and vitamins vegetables, fruits and fruits can be survived by consuming. Dr. Antony from Akgul Akpinar; tonsils, which have a very important role in immunity, have very important tasks that protect the body against microbes that enter the mouth and nose. He said that every healthy child is born with tonsils, and children born without tonsils have an immune disease called immunodeficiency. He said that tonsillitis, which must be treated and called BETA among the people, can result in rheumatism in both the heart and joints, can be seen for a lifetime, and also affect the kidneys, and go up to kidney failure.How often is tonsillitis is dangerous?Assoc. Dr. Akgul Akpinar Antony tonsillitis, each child can pass and are considered quite normal infections, but it is not normal to repeat frequently, he said. Tonsils with the disease to blush and grow and swell, with the recovery returned to normal, very sick even if the infection tends to remain large, he said. Stating that this situation causes continuous illness, he said:

Yedi Feverish inflammation of the tonsils seven times in the last year or three or more times per year in the last three years; development of abscess in the vicinity, accumulation of fluid in the ears and hearing loss of frequent recurring infections, unilateral growth of the tonsils, negative effects on the growth of the child, negatively affecting the structure of the jaw of the child, speech impairment, developmental difficulties, learning difficulties , the patient is a carrier of diphtheria (Kuşpalazı) germ, heart valve disorder in the patient, accumulation of food on the tonsils to create bad mouth odor is one of the situations that require surgery ”.

“Tonsil Disease May Cause Allergy”Child Health Diseases, Child Allergy and Immunology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Antony from Akgul Akpinar; He said that taking the tonsils was never the first choice and that the decision should be made by following the patient well. In particular, allergic children, tonsils, stating that the problem may be caused by allergies, allergy problem should not be resolved without the decision of tonsil surgery, he noted. Assoc. Dr. Antony; Çözmek Solving the allergy can solve the tonsil problem and the patient's complaints will be relieved for a few months in tonsil surgeries performed without solving the allergy again. ”

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