Does your child wet his bed at night?

Does your child wet his bed at night?

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“Mother, I wet my bed again, I can't hold what should I do?”

Im I didn't realize I was doing my toilet, I was sleeping. ”

Beds wetted at night are not pleasant, but are normal until a certain age. First of all, it is not pleasant for children to remain in their memories. Most children learn to control the toilet while gaining a toilet habit, but for some children, this is a difficult process and can cause restless evenings. The child is less embarrassed if he acknowledges that this is a normal process and will be easier to overcome the bedwetting.

He may be afraid of the dark

First of all, you should investigate the reasons why your child wets. For example, some children are afraid to go to the toilet in the darkness at night, and because they cannot, they wet their beds. If you illuminate the path to the toilet or leave the bathroom light on, you will not be afraid to go to the toilet.

Feel free to talk to your child to learn how to feel more comfortable at night. Since your child cannot sleep in wet clothes and on a wet bed, you can put his or her dry clothes and pajamas on the side of the bed so that he can change himself.

Some children are afraid of falling into the toilet when they go to the toilet alone. If that is the reason your child is afraid, you can instruct him to wake you up at night.

You can prevent your child from being ashamed by talking about it comfortably. You can get up and check your child from time to time at night and wake him up if he has never been to the toilet.

Does he wet his pants when you're at someone else's house?

Staying outside their own home can cause stress for some children. Children who lie in a place other than their own bed can get wet at night. As a solution, you can take your own sleeping bag or blanket and make sure it is near something you know. You can also take precautions by laying a towel inside the bed.

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