Games to help your child develop language

Games to help your child develop language

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Many linguists around the world have been trying to explain how language acquisition takes place for years with different approaches. The four different approaches that have emerged as a result of the studies on this issue tell educators and families how they can contribute to language acquisition while raising children and emphasize some points. One of these approaches indicates that children perform language acquisition through modeling and imitation, while another shows us that language acquisition is established through the connections between neurons in the brain through various studies.

All the studies and all the approaches described indicate that children have an important role in the first eight years of life in language acquisition and that children should be provided with all the opportunities to ensure language acquisition in the first eight years. In the studies conducted with the abused children, it was observed that the language development completed itself in the first eight years, and it was observed that these children, who were not given enough language development in this period, could not complete their language acquisitions.

You can contribute to your child's language development with different games prepared for children during kindergarten period and feed the necessary parts of the brain related to language development with these games.

What can you do?

• As mentioned above, one of the approaches to language acquisition states that children learn by imitating sounds and modeling. So if you want to teach your child something, you should be the most important example. When talking with your child, make sure that you speak as clearly and carefully as possible.

• Try to play a house game with your child. In these games, children build their own worlds and use words that they have not said or used until now. If you take part in these games, you will have the opportunity to get to know your child closely and help him / her to improve the vocabulary.

• Create a television from a cardboard box with your child. Using this television in your games, you can make your child play games focused on language acquisition. For example, you can go behind the television and present news or animate a TV program you've seen before.

• Read various books to your child, try to animate the fictions you read in these books with your child, so do a little drama. This way, your child will have a better understanding of the book you have read to him and will have a different experience in terms of language acquisition.

• Help your child memorize poems and rhymes.

• Record your voice to the tape while your child is singing or having a conversation. This will allow your child to listen to what he or she speaks in a different way and to take care of his own voice and speech in a different way.

• Ask your child their thoughts often and try to understand them with different questions.

• Do not try to correct things that your child says wrong by saying “he doesn't say so öyle instead, repeat what you say by correcting your child yourself. For example, your child said, “Ayşe will go to school yesterday., You are aware that there is a mistake in this sentence, but you have to correct this mistake as follows:“ Ayşe went to school yesterday, you are right ”.

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