Do you know why your baby cries?

Do you know why your baby cries?

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When babies start to cry, parents are surprised at what to do. Especially their first babies experience more panic. Psychologist Sinem Olcay from Istanbul Parenting Class He shares the answer to the question neden why is my baby crying ile with parents.

- Is there a reason why newborn babies cry a lot?

Babies are programmed to seek help to find solace in every distressing situation. Your baby's crying means asking you for help with intense emotions and awesome bodily feelings that the brain can't handle alone because it's not yet developed enough. Babies do not cry in vain to improve their lungs, control you, or for no reason. When they are unhappy, when something really annoys them, they cry to let you know and get your help. Of all species, it is the most mature human offspring at birth. In fact, we can say that babies have completed their pregnancy outside the womb. It is true that Freud says for the human offspring that he comes to the world as incomplete. We can think of a newborn baby as a fetus out there. That is why babies are very sensitive because they are not mature enough when they are born. They are very sensitive to distress.

- What causes infants crying the most?

Babies can cry for many physical and emotional reasons. A baby may cry because he is tired or hungry, or is over-aroused because of the murmuring of an adult. Also babies; too bright, too hard, too cold, too hot, too sudden stimuli, situations and events can perceive as shock, fear of danger may be caught.

- Do mothers have a chance to understand what crying means?

At first it may be difficult to figure out what crying means, but in time you will learn to read the cries much more accurately. For example; over time you will begin to differentiate hunger cry from fatigue cry. Sometimes you won't know the reason for crying. But that does not matter. The important thing is to take the baby's panic and pain seriously and help him calm down.

- When do babies cry the most?

Crying is highest when the baby is 3-6 weeks old. The baby decreases when it is 12-16 weeks old. The reason for this is that babies have increased mobility during this period, they are less bored and frustrated because they can hold something and play with them. Older babies and children up to 3-4 years of age, although the shock created by the transition to the world, hunger, cold, fatigue, disease, such as the reasons still continue to cry. In addition, new sensations that cause crying have been added. They can cry because of the panic created by the fear of separation from the bonding parent. Things they like and dislike as they grow up; things that make them frighten or restless become clear, and each one can be a cause of crying. For a child who cannot speak, crying usually means 'no'. 'No, I don't want to go on someone else's lap.' No, I don't like you wearing this jumpsuit. '

- What to do when the baby cries?

Babies need to intervene whenever they cry and help them to calm down. There is a great developmental disadvantage of leaving a baby in distress for a long time. Infants who do not respond to crying for a long time may develop an hypersensitive stress detection system. This means that the ways in which they perceive the world and what they experience in the future can be overshadowed by feelings of concern and threat even if everything is perfect.

Waiting for your baby to calm down on its own can have very negative effects on both brain and body development. A baby can't take control of what he lost by crying, and only you can do it. Therefore, it is necessary to respond consistently to every cry of babies. Research and observations show that babies who respond consistently to crying become less crying, happier and more easily calmed in the future.

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