Special procedures applied at birth

Special procedures applied at birth

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my Epizoto
A small incision that widens the vagina output at birth, prevents the occurrence of spontaneous tears.
Episotomy is required in the following cases:
• If the baby is breech presentation, premature, is in distress or has a large head
• If you cannot properly control your distress
• If your skin at the entrance to the vagina is stretched and prone to tearing

When the episotomy is performed, the skin is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Then the pain is the most, that is, the perineum is the most stretched because the baby's head rests. It is birleştirilmelerigerek. Tell your doctor if you feel pain during the suturing process, this problem will be solved with a little more numbing. Stitches do not need to be removed because they melt themselves. You may experience some pain and discomfort after epizotomy. If an infection develops, the pain becomes more severe. The wound is expected to heal within 10-14 days. If you still have pain after this time, you should consult a doctor.

Assisted delivery: Forceps and vacuum
Sometimes it is necessary to deliver the baby with forceps or vacuum devices. The forceps are used when the cervix is ​​fully opened and the baby's head is visible.
They are used when:
• If the baby is not born when the child descends well (for reasons such as large head or not sufficiently pressed)
• Baby or you are in trouble
• If the baby is reversed or premature, forceps are used to prevent compression of the head through the birth canal.

Forceps; after local anesthesia or episotomy. The spoons of the forceps surround the baby's head and protect it from pressure or injury.
Vacuum; A small metal cap attached to the special device is inserted through the vagina and placed on the head of the baby, and the baby is gently pulled through. The most important thing about these two applications is to prevent any harm to the baby by these experienced people.

Artificial pain
This birth is started by giving some medications. There is a difference from hospital to hospital and you can learn the current application by asking your doctor.
Birth is started with medication if:
• If the expected birth date exceeds one week and the baby is in distress or placenta failure has started
• If there is a problem such as high blood pressure that puts you or your baby at risk

Drug initiation is planned and planned in advance. So you need to be hospitalized the night before. There are three methods to initiate labor.

1- Put a medicine to soften the cervix in the vagina.This method is applied in the evening or morning.If birth can start in a few hours, especially in the first birth alone is not enough.
2- Opening the water sac. After 8-10 hours after the application, the doctor can open the water sac surrounding the baby with a small needle.
3- Giving a hormone that makes the uterus contract. This drug is put into the serum and given dropwise. It is the most commonly used method to initiate labor, but close follow-up is required.

Drug-induced pains in serum can be stronger and more frequent than natural pains.

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