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Pay attention to the psychosocial development of your child!

Pay attention to the psychosocial development of your child!

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The psychosocial development of your children includes elements that will help them live as healthy individuals in society. Supporting psychosocial development at a young age will help the child to live harmoniously in the society in the future and will contribute to the continuation of his / her emotional development in a healthy way. Therefore, at an early age, parents should give importance to the psychosocial development of their children and support the areas where their children have deficiencies.

In the table below, you can see the steps of your child's first four years of psychosocial development, compare your child's development with the items listed in this table, and help your child in areas you think are missing. If you think that there is a big difference between your child's development and the items in the table, we recommend that you consult a specialist as soon as possible and seek help.

0.5 Years

1. touches the mother
2. smiles to mother
3. licks fingers and reverse of his hand
4. nets
5. shows joy when he sees his mother
6. stops crying when taken on lap

1 year

7. makes pleasant sounds in your bed
8. extends her arms to the mother
9. Responds to the game of hiding your face
10. plays with the image in the mirror
11. Holds firmly when trying to retrieve object in hand
12. caresses and kisses

1,5 Years

13. mimics hand-shaking.
14. applauds children's songs
15. Reacts when hand is extended
16. help to get dressed and bring his shoes
17. ball back rounds
18. shows your toy

2 Years

19. squeezes your toy
20. responds in a friendly way
21. play meaningful games alone
22. murmuring something while looking at pictures
23. simulates sweeping, eating
24. says it when you want something

2,5 Years

25. help with household chores
26. shows interest in others
27. speaks by name
28. rejoices when a different meal is made
29. feeds baby or bear
30. daytime

3 years

31. jealous of others
32. it waits until it is awake
33. likes to make others laugh
34. performs the tasks happily
35. play animal roles
36. he refers to himself as me

3,5 Years

37. flattering
38. asks many questions
39. rejoices when new clothes are received
40. likes to show a gesture
41. plays in harmony with others
42. behaves quieter when requested

4 years

43. makes special friends
44. she says i love you
45. plays outside
46. participates in group games
47. shares their belongings and food

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