Is the sun beneficial for your baby?

Is the sun beneficial for your baby?

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Your baby's skin, which is much more sensitive than an adult person, is more vulnerable to the sun than you. However, you must protect your baby's skin from the sun. Carefully protecting its sensitive skin is necessary to reduce the negative risks of future sun exposure. Therefore, you should keep your baby away from the sun and pay attention to clothing and nutrition.

Infants and young children should not be removed naked in the sun. The skin of small children can not tolerate sunlight. The sun's rays are reflected in water and sand, which can burn you and your child even in the shade. Children should therefore be protected from sunlight. First of all, the child's head should be protected with a hat and dressed in thin, light colored, breathable and non-sweaty cotton clothes. Clothes that are not closed and leave arms and legs exposed should be preferred. They should wear ultraviolet-protected sunglasses.

Babies less than one month old should not be exposed to the sun. You should take care not to expose your older babies to the sun between 10.00 and 16.00. Even at the same time, it is worth not to leave it in the shade. The sun baths outside these hours should start with five minutes and be increased by accustoming. 15-20 minutes sun bath is enough.

Since 60 percent of ultraviolet rays reach the body even when swimming, there is a danger of sunburn in the water. For this reason, water and sand resistant sunscreen with at least 30 protection factors (SPF 30) must be applied. It is especially recommended to apply the sunscreen before sun exposure and to repeat it every 1 hour. Since children's skin is thin and very sensitive, it dries easily. Moisturizing creams can be applied, especially after sun exposure, to give the skin moisture loss. Since the loss of sweat fluid in children will be high, against sunstroke, drink plenty of liquid.

You should be very careful when putting your baby or child into the pool or sea to avoid bad events when you go on holiday. Do not immerse the mouth and nose of your children under 3 years of age, they may breathe under water and may leak water to their lungs. This can lead to infections or respiratory arrest. If they swallow a lot of water, this may be what we call water poisoning. Never leave your children alone or in the pool for a moment. Do not stay near the pool more than one arm distance from your child. Do not reduce your measures even if your children learn to swim. Just because they learn to swim doesn't mean they're safe in water.

Most of the children drowning in the pool are children wandering around the pool. You may not be able to keep your child in mind at all times, he may go out and fall into the pool. Therefore, if you have a pool in the garden of your home; It is recommended that the four sides of the pool be fenced at least 1.2 meters tall. This fence must have a self-closing and locking gate. The lock must be too high for the child to reach. There should be telephone and first aid equipment around the pool. You must remove the toys from the pool after using them. The child may fall into the pool when he reaches out to get toys.

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