Tips and advice for comfortable sleep in pregnancy!

Tips and advice for comfortable sleep in pregnancy!

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At the beginning of pregnancy, the tiny baby in the womb has a sleeping effect for most women. We are sure that you feel tired and lethargic in these early days. The main reason for this is hormonal changes in pregnancy. However, due to the growth of the baby later in pregnancy, the expectant mother cannot find a comfortable position to sleep. For this reason, insomnia is becoming a big problem in the last months of pregnancy.

Fatigue and sleep tendency in the first months of pregnancy parallel to the decrease in bowel movements, constipation, nausea and vomiting are added to the complaints of pregnancy. As the baby grows in the womb, insomnia begins to emerge. Pregnancy, growing abdomen, the baby inside, makes it hard for the mothers to sleep, right? This is undoubtedly due to some basic reasons. Here are the reasons:

* Abdominal weight: Because the abdomen is large, the expectant mother cannot be comfortable in any position. That's why he's constantly changing his sleep patterns. Therefore, his sleep is constantly interrupted. If you are an uncle who normally lies on your stomach, it is natural that you have difficulty finding a suitable position for yourself in these months.

* Continuous urination: the growing uterus, pressure on the bladder for the mother is often forced to go to the toilet at night. This causes their sleep to be interrupted.

* Mobilization of the unborn baby: Just like after birth, before the baby is born, the baby spends most of the time sleeping in the womb. But when he is not sleeping, he constantly moves and kicks.

Although you complain of insomnia, certainly do not take sleeping pills. Even if you were taking it before pregnancy. Like all medicines, they reach the placenta through the blood and the baby is stored in the brain and liver, creating problems. For example, the baby's excessive sleep, respiratory depression after birth, such as. When taken continuously, developmental disorders can be seen.

The secret of comfortable sleep

So what do you need to do to get a comfortable sleep? First of all, create pleasantness in bed and allow luxury in bed. Your bed; Make sure it is wide enough for the female, male and growing abdomen. From the 4th month, you should get yourself a wider bed. And remember, as a mother, you have the right to some luxury. Get some soft pillows for yourself. With these you can support your abdomen, leg and prevent uncomfortable pressure.

Of course our recommendations are not limited to this! Take the evening strolls to spend the night in silence. Going out and calming the nerves of the expectant mother and calms the unborn baby. Also, avoid watching movies or reading books that excite you before going to bed. The pictures of war and violence are enough to escape sleep. Instead, listen to calming music before going to bed. If your partner is uncomfortable, wear headphones. Research shows that music has a relaxing effect on the baby in the mother's womb.

If the bathroom has a calming effect on you, take a bath or foot bath before going to bed. Add lavender or rose oil to the bath water. This both calms you and softens your skin. Women with high blood pressure or at risk of premature birth should avoid bathing because it will increase blood circulation problems.

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