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The importance of drama in the life of kindergarten children

The importance of drama in the life of kindergarten children

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Kindergartens are institutions that provide children with various opportunities to make the most of their development. In kindergartens, many activities have been designed to develop children's creativity, thinking systems and ability to live in a social environment. Through these activities, children have the opportunity to know themselves and what they can do and learn to live in harmony with different people.

The most important of these activities is drama studies. If you ask “what is drama work”, we can say briefly “it is the activity that the child establishes in the world of imagination and supports with the ability to act”. Drama activities in our schools as a show presented to parents within the scope of various festivals and activities, as well as used for many educational activities in schools.

As many educators have said, drama activities are activities that children enjoy a lot, as well as activities that directly affect children's mental, emotional, social and language development (which is therefore very beneficial for children's development).

When children put themselves in the place of another character, they begin to look at the world through a different window, try to understand that character's feelings, thoughts, and experiences, and then reflect them. Children's understanding of a character other than themselves helps them to develop their empathy skills as well as better understanding of the real world.

What can you do?

? You can encourage your child to participate in various drama activities.

? When you are with your child, you can create a variety of drama activities, for example, after reading a story book, you can animate the story in this book with your child.

? You can play a movie or series that you watch on TV. However, make sure that these activities are appropriate for the child's level.

? If your child is doing drama during any of his plays, do not make fun of him or make any discourse that encourages him.

? Together with your child, you can make various drama activities by making up stories for yourself.

? You can take advantage of drama exercises while teaching anything about animals and plants. For example, how bees make a sound (the child makes this sound with the mouth), how bees fly (the child mimics the movement of flying with arms)…

? You can also benefit from drama exercises while teaching your children geometric shapes. For example, make it round with the body, you and your child can lie together to form a rectangular shape. While one of the parents is doing this activity with the child, the other parent photographing the activity both makes the activity permanent and allows your child to enjoy it more.

? You can increase your child's imagination and motivation by buying or sewing various costumes for your child.

? You should allow your children to benefit from the different materials available at home.

? Using different materials (dough, clay, aluminum foil, plaster…) create various shapes with your child and then try to make these movements with your body.

? To learn more about drama, please use the various books.

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