Is my baby smart?

Is my baby smart?

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From the moment they are born, babies communicate with the outside world with the help of their mothers and cry all their needs. Since all needs are met by the mother, especially during infancy, the mother's regular and warm interest creates the opportunity to develop all her skills easily by meeting her need for attachment. The more time you spend with your baby and the more love, attention and contact you have during this time, the more positively affected your intelligence development. Especially in the first three years, the baby's intelligence development is very fast.
• After the first month, they begin to see their surroundings, especially some remarkable colors. In this period, your baby to take plenty of lap, talk, listening to pleasant music, hanging toys to a point that can strengthen the perception of.
• Babies start to establish a cause and effect relationship as of the fourth month. Realizing that a toy is touched by the hand, the baby touches again to hear the sound from the toy. Therefore, after this period, it is useful to put toys around it that will make a sound with touch.
• After the sixth month, the simple functions of the objects and what they do become important. During this period, you can introduce objects with simple functions.
• When you're a little older, that is, when you hide the toy after about eighth months, it tries to find it, you can help its development by playing such games. They mimic gestures such as clapping and waving, as they realize that their own voices are attracting attention, allowing you to look at them by shouting.
• Since he wants to see the result of his behaviors after the twelfth month, he throws down all the objects and observes what will happen. You can speed up the self-learning process by letting your baby do what they want to do.
• He starts to imitate the movements of the people around him towards the eighteenth month. In later months, he begins to look for ways to achieve his own desired result. For example, he can step on the stool and press the button to turn on the lamp. Intelligence development of the child is very important up to the age of six, but it is the most important process, especially between the ages of 0-2. The game is the most important development tool for the 0-2 year old child. During this period, you can help your baby's intelligence development with age-appropriate games and toys.Sleep patterns and the role of nutrition in the development of intelligenceSleep patterns play an important role in the development of your baby's intelligence. Especially between 10 am and 5 am at night, the growth hormone is most often secreted. It is very important to ensure that your baby sleeps between these hours. The environment in which you put your baby to sleep should also be quiet and dark. There is an important relationship between our diet and the development of intelligence. Some foods in our diet are known to have important roles in the development of the nervous system. Proteins are the food group that has a significant effect on intelligence development. Proteins are used in tissue construction and repair and in the synthesis of substances necessary for nerve conduction. Natural protein sources; meat and meat products, eggs, dairy products, legumes and cereal products.
Oils are another nutrient source that plays a role in the development of intelligence. Omega-3 fatty acids in fats are important for eye and brain development. Vitamins and minerals are another important group. Vitamin A, which is found in most liver, fish and milk, is involved in the formation of the spinal cord. Breast milk is the best source of vitamin A in infancy. Congenital growth retardation and disability may occur in vitamin B1 deficiency. The best sources of vitamin B1 are whole grain products. For infants, breast milk is the best source. Riboflavin is one of the B complex vitamins, essential for the formation of the spinal cord and the fatty structure that protects nerve cells, and the best natural sources of riboflavin are milk and milk products. Vitamin B6 is a vitamin involved in the synthesis of nerve conduction substances in the brain. In the case of vitamin B12 deficiency, severe spinal cord injuries may occur. The sources of this vitamin are animal nutrients.
In iron deficiency, individuals may suffer from lack of concentration and carelessness. The best source is red. Other sources of meats, dry bean varieties, molasses, dark green leafy vegetables. Oranges and strawberries can be considered as a source of iron. Zinc is another mineral that is important in brain development. The best sources of zinc are meat products and seafood. It has a high zinc content and is a good source for babies.

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