Fathers Get Pregnant!

Fathers Get Pregnant!

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Yeah, you didn't read it wrong. Men can get pregnant just like women. How Does? Because 'pregnancy' is not only experienced in the body, but also in the brain! That's why men are as excited and worried as their wives. The father's thoughts about the child do not differ much from the mother. However, 'pregnant' men are more comfortable than women. Are they really? In this article yazım

During pregnancy, the woman immediately undergoes physical, as well as mental changes. There is no doubt that the most special time of a woman is pregnancy. In this process, women expect an 'infinite' understanding from their spouses. Naturally, they see that they read their feelings and wishes from their eyes, not to do one thing or two. At this point, some men want to run away. Thus, while waiting for their children with joy and happiness, suddenly fights and arguments arise from small events. She's aggressive, delicate, walking around like a nerve cube. And despite his endless efforts, he cannot 'reach' his wife. Even her attempts to help and her modest approach respond with a negative reaction. The man has feelings of guilt without knowing what he's done wrong. Here, our promise to expectant mothers: Remember that your husband expects at least as much understanding as you expect!

Of course we have suggestions for men. What? Since the biggest problem of the man is being excluded and indifference, looking at pregnancy from different angles adds excitement to the relationship. Take a video camera, for example, on the day your wife is most stressed, and pull that 'big' belly of your wife from different angles! This will cheer up your frustrated wife.

What kind of father should I be?

Both the mother and the father relive their childhood in a sense after pregnancy and after birth. If there is an example of a loving father in front of the person, the new father is more loving. Today, divorce is so common, many boys grow up without a father. At that moment, the new father candidates are taking a step back and the painful feelings come to the fore. And most of them decide to be a better father.

Will the child be healthy?

As she carries the child in her womb, she feels her development step by step. The father who looks at the incident is busy with many thoughts: 'Will the child be healthy?' like. When faced with such a situation, they think they will not remove it. And they absolutely require their wives to go through strict checks. Most of the time women break into this and condemn their husbands.

Be a father…

Most fathers occasionally take their wives to the doctor, and some never miss the ultrasound. And the baby's movements and looks in the face frost. They examine the child's beating heart and fingers one by one, and get excited about it. And from that moment on, they start to feel like father.

All fathers are incredibly excited when they first see and touch their children. Mothers need a father who is always nearby and gives their children endless love. Are they waiting too long? Certainly not, because mother and child need love in these times. Mothers seem to be pleased with the fathers' interest and participation.

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