The story of traveling abroad with the child

The story of traveling abroad with the child

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Our tent set up in the evening, gathered again in the rain. I stuck in my raincoat in the tree house in the park. There were groups from the camps here. The students were running around in joy, taking a canoe with their instructors, or having fun on the climbing ropes built between trees like spider webs. Some of them came to me and chatted with me. In the meantime, ours were able to finish.

Since there were no officials, we left the campsite where we didn't do the entrance procedures by performing both the entrance and exit procedures at the same time. We postponed breakfast for a later break. Ours must have gotten used to the rain as they did. If it weren't for my breakfast, maybe they'd forget to stop. Dad said we should get past Ulm today.

As we were passing through a village, we heard a sound like a plane. My father, who pulled me out of my trailer because the rain had lightened, took me to the sound. Here they tied the two crossed legs of a bull in opposite directions and rasped its nails. My father told me that he didn't hurt his bull like he didn't hurt when I cut my nail. The bull was a little scared of us, and moved enough to shake the iron clamps around it and even the concrete connections on the ground. He kept calling me mööö at the highest sound I ever heard. So I got scared and hugged my father. We pulled back a little and started watching. The huge machine they held on to his nails made a lot of noise and a huge cloud of dust. In the meantime, mööö mööö he made a sound muffled.

After getting permission to look around the open stables, we started to visit the farm. In one of the buildings here, I met a very funny, pink color, big ears and a curved tail for the first time. Do you ever have a pink color animal?

I've seen pictures on my information cards, but I've never seen them alive. And his voice was funnier than what I heard on the computer. After leaving here, we continued to ride bicycles, rain and bull with my mouth.

We had to stay at the hotel to dry. We settled in our hotel and fell asleep.
“Ipet Cina”

Tibetan plane tree.
July 20, 2011

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