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Self-confident children become successful children!

Self-confident children become successful children!

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The self-esteem and the sense of trust that should be vaccinated to the child by the family at an early age about self-confidence which is directly proportional to success. Mehmet Yavuz tells the story. Our children, the foundation of our future, to show the value and attention deserved. Mehmet Yavuz "Your child must necessarily instill a sense of trust." He warned families.

In the rapidly developing world, the number of aggressive and problematic children increases with each passing day, while families also have a big share in increasing the number of problematic children. Neurologist. Mehmet Yavuz warned the families with the following words: ğ If you give your child a sense of trust, you can bring him into the respectable community. Every child likes to care about his behavior as he moves towards becoming an individual. That's why you need to gain self-esteem to protect your children from depressive situations at a young age. ”

Snapping children leaves a bad mark on their selves!

Not only physically, but also spiritually developing children, their parents are extremely affected by Yavuz, children presented to them in an environment of self-confidence in the rules easier to accept, he said.
Yavuz; “First, care for the child to play. It gives the child the ability of research, comprehension and perception. If your children want to help you with anything, do not turn them around. Children in this attitude exhibit cowardly and timid behaviors and this leaves a bad and profound mark on the child's self..

Yavuz said that parents reflect the love or indifference they see from their families to their children and said: aile The family education that individuals receive is directly proportional to raising their children. But individuals should prepare their children for future challenges by acting more positively to their own children rather than maintaining the wrong behaviors they have done to them. ”

Play creative games with your kids…

Saying that the behaviors that children exhibit while playing are not actually imaginary, the behaviors in the family affect children. Mehmet Yavuz, the parents' behavior and attitude should be optimistic, he said. Dr. Yavuz said that playing creative games with children is very effective both in the development of intelligence and in expressing oneself of the child and pointed out how important it is for parents to take care of their children.

The reward and punishment must be sweet.

Reward your children for their good behavior. Mehmet Yavuz said the following about the style they use to families:
“Children are always hungry and curious about information. If they ask you any questions, give them the necessary information. Sentences like im I have a job right now ', am I can't deal with you ar break your child and make you feel that their thoughts are ignored.

For example, when your child behaves very well on any subject, using phrases like 'My child is very smart or you are perfect' can also give the child wrong behaviors. Instead, more sincere sentences should be established. For example, 'Thank you for collecting your room', 'I asked you to do something very nice to have done' such sentences are better for them. ”He said that the responsibility of being a mother and father is great. Dr. Yavuz, finally, "A successful child grows up with the right family education and school education can be supported." He said.

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