Exercise during pregnancy, but how?

Exercise during pregnancy, but how?

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Pregnancy brings many changes in the body of the expectant mother. Stating that the musculoskeletal system is highly affected by these changes Anadolu Medical Center Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Contact Semih directlywarns expectant mothers about the exercises they will do during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the period in which the greatest changes occur for a woman. Psychological as well as physical changes affect the life of the expectant mother during pregnancy. Growing and developing baby with the weight taken, loosening of the waist and basin joints, abdominal muscles cause softening. With the softening of the baby's growing pressure, the center of gravity by pulling the waist pit increases. Causes such as lowering of the waist, deterioration of posture, softening and detachment of the lumbar cartilages pave the way for pain.

Pelvic pain in 70 percent of mothers with low back pain is expressed in the Anadolu Medical Center Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist. Dr. Semih Akı describes the changes in the musculoskeletal system encountered during pregnancy:
Bacak Leg cramps are very common during pregnancy. Muscle and joint pain may also occur due to insufficient fluid intake. Pain and numbness in the arms and legs, numbness, pain due to strain at the muscle and tendon adhesion of the hand are common to many mothers. In rare cases, bone resorption may also occur in the hip bone in the last months of pregnancy. There may also be softening of the hip bone due to lack of blood supply. ”

Exercise makes birth easier

Aerobic exercise reduces blood pressure, regulates circulation and prevents the formation of varicose veins and Prof. Dr. Dr. Semih Akı says that the exercises reduce leg cramps and leg swelling and even prevent constipation. Professor Dr. Semih Akı, aerobic exercises on the one hand increases the self-confidence of the expectant mother and by regulating the psychology of birth easier, he says.

In addition to all of this, the activities of sports during pregnancy must be done under the control of the physician underlined that Professor. Dr. Semih Akı, ma If running, the ground and air temperature should be taken into consideration. If cycling, stable bikes should be preferred in terms of risk of falling. In swimming and in-water exercises, the temperature of the water should be between 30-35 degrees, ”he says.

Professor Dr. Semih Flux, vaginal bleeding, long-term muscle joint pain, shortness of breath, weakness, rapid or irregular heart rate and rhythm, difficulty walking, headache, chest pain, muscle weakness, premature birth risk, decrease in movement of children to stop the exercise should emphasize.

Things to pay attention

Anadolu Medical Center Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Semih Akı, in the sense of movement in pregnancy needs to be considered as follows:

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