Increase your fertility by eating right!

Increase your fertility by eating right!

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Is there a connection between healthy eating and pregnancy?
Healthy nutrition is essential for proper physical functions. During pregnancy, the body makes some new arrangements to increase the growth and development of the newborn baby and the need for some substances increases. Regulation of nutrition in accordance with these needs helps to bring a healthier baby to the world.

Does improper nutrition affect pregnancy?
Inadequate and unbalanced nutrition may adversely affect the growth and development of the baby. It can cause infant developmental delay, preterm birth and low birth weight. During pregnancy, nutrients that are known to be beneficial to the baby should be taken, and substances that are known to be harmful or that are likely to be harmed should be avoided.

Is nutrition important even before pregnancy?
It is known that it is impossible to obtain permanent right eating habits suddenly. The right eating habits that will continue for life are provided by gradually replacing bad habits with new ones. For this reason, people who are planning to become pregnant should have healthy and balanced eating habits before pregnancy. A balanced and healthy diet should continue during pregnancy. A mother who has a balanced feeding habits will maintain these habits even after the baby is born, thus ensuring that her baby is also fed and grows healthy.

Does smoking harm?
Smoking has long-term negative effects on ovarian functions in women, and there are risks such as premature abortion, premature birth and the birth of a baby with low birth weight. There are also studies showing that the chance of pregnancy is reduced in women who smoke during infertility treatment. The longer the smoking period, the less eggs and embryos were obtained. If you are smoking, you should stop smoking as soon as possible to increase your health and your chances of getting pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy.

Can obesity alone cause infertility?
Obesity changes the effect of hormonal stimuli on the ovaries and testes. Obesity increases insulin levels in women, resulting in excessive production of male hormones that prevent ovulation from ovaries. Ovulation disorders, which we call anovulation, and inability to have babies are common in obese women. There are publications showing that even losing 10% of its current weight helps improve ovulation function.

Is the same rule for men?
Although not as prominent as women, there are reports that overweight affects sperm parameters negatively and weight control before treatment has positive effects on sperm parameters.

Does excess weakness affect fertility?
Excessive weakness prevents ovulation by disrupting the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH) and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing hormone (LH) secreted from the brain, but also due to insufficient ovarian hormone production, the fertilization of the inner layer of the uterus called the endometrium cannot be established. . Excessive weakness causes malfunction of sperm and decrease in sperm count.

What should be the weight gain during pregnancy?
In the pre-pregnancy period, weight gain of approximately 9-14 kg is considered normal depending on the person's proximity to the ideal weight. For weight control during pregnancy, a regular and balanced nutrition plan should be selected first, and the baby's development and mother's weight gain should be evaluated together during monthly routine pregnancy follow-up.

Are there foods that will reduce infertility?
Fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins should be an important part of the diet. It is sufficient to take all the food groups in proportions that will meet the needs of the body.

Does the proportion of body fat affect the woman's pregnancy?
Excess adipose tissue increases insulin hormone levels and affects the release pattern of ovarian hormones, making it difficult to become pregnant. It can also cause problems such as pregnancy diabetes and pregnancy hypertension in pregnancy. In case of pregnancy diabetes, large baby, polyhydramnios, preterm birth, delay in lung maturity, premature birth, risk of heart abnormalities increases.

Reproductive complications of obesity
Obesity affects the production of reproductive hormones in both men and women negatively affecting egg and sperm production. Obesity causes daibetin in diabetic individuals and causes serious problems both during pregnancy and during pregnancy.

What are the principles of healthy eating for infertility?
Healthy nutrition is essential for the continuation of physical functions. Protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber foods are consumed in balanced amounts should be preferred. These nutrients can be obtained from vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish, meat, nuts, cereals. Taking certain amounts of these food groups daily; By staying away from excess fat and sugary foods and keeping your weight close to ideal weight in our daily activities, we adopt a healthy lifestyle that will affect both our reproductive health and our whole life.

What is adequate and balanced nutrition?
Nutrition program should be chosen according to the needs of the person. The need is determined by age, gender, activity status. For this reason, the calorie and nutrient requirements of the man who does a heavy physical work, the housewife doing her daily routine work or a young woman doing active sports are not the same. When all these factors need to be considered when choosing a diet, it may be necessary to establish a nutrition program with the help of a dietician. Especially those who are overweight or have weakness and want to get healthy nutrition methods may need the help of a specialist dietitian.

How to feed those who want to be parents?
Not only those who want to have a baby, but also those who plan to live a healthy life should take care to be within the ideal body weight range in accordance with their body mass index. For this, he / she should choose a more active lifestyle while consuming sufficient and balanced food from the main food groups. The recommended diet is a balanced diet in which more animal proteins and less dairy products, sugars and fatty foods are rarely consumed than food groups of fresh vegetables, fruits and cereals.

Are there any vitamins that increase the chances of pregnancy when used?
The exact proven vitamin is not yet available. Vitamin E is thought to have positive effects on sperm functions. Iron deficiency is known to increase the risk of low, premature birth and low birth weight infants. Therefore, it is recommended to replace those with iron deficiency from the pre-pregnancy period. Multivitamins available to pregnant women provide adequate support. In addition, there are drawbacks of excess iron intake. Folic acid, a vitamin B, is effective in preventing congenital defects known as neural tube defects. Couples who wish to have a baby are useful in preventing this kind of congenital defect when used before pregnancy and covering the first 3 months.

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