Nose and breast aesthetics, contour surgery is followed

Nose and breast aesthetics, contour surgery is followed

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Contour surgery means interventions to contour disorders from the neck to the ankle. Anadolu Medical Center Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Şehit Özkan said that these procedures are sometimes performed by simple aesthetic surgery, sometimes reconstructive surgery and sometimes both. Dr. Haluk Duman states that an ideal or near-ideal contour is provided. Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist who states that these surgeries are mostly applied in waist circumference and basin area where fat accumulation increases with the progression of age. Dr. Haluk Duman, although it is thought to be a form of treatment that attracts more attention of women in recent years, men also gynecomastia (breast enlargement) and contour surgery due to fat in the waist area can emphasize.

Usually applied to resistant oil deposits

The results will be different in everyone, no comparison with other people undergoing the same surgery should not be Prof.. Dr. Haluk Duman said, “Even if the person has reached their ideal weight, resistant accumulations can occur in some areas. This situation is ideal in terms of the results to be obtained with liposuction and abdominoplasty applications that are included in contour surgery. But sometimes, to motivate the person, these surgeries can be performed without losing weight or at the beginning of weight loss. ”

Areas where contour operations can be performed

Face and neck area
Abdominal region
Waist region
Basen area

Fat intake is determined by person

Contour surgery liposuction, reconstructive surgery or performed by applying a combination of two expressing Prof.. Dr. Haluk Duman gives information about liposuction methods:

"Method; There are three types: classic, ultrasonic and laser. Although there are basically no differences, ”laser liposuction” is more preferred. Prior to the procedure, a fluid is injected into the area where the oil is to be removed, increasing the breakdown of the fats, reducing bleeding and providing extra local anesthesia. Then, to ensure regular fat intake, according to the patient according to the number of holes inserted through the average 2-4 mm thick cannulae oil absorption is done. The person feels a slight pain after coming out of the anesthesia. In order to prevent edema in the treated area, the person is wearing a corset and needs to be used for about a month. In the meantime, traces begin to disappear. Surgery requires at least three months to achieve the exact results. In some patients, fat can be removed from a part of the person, while the same operation can also be used to transfer fat to unwanted pits. ”


After the liposuction, the decision to apply the stretching surgery was taken together with the person. Dr. Dr. Haluk Smoke, abdominal liposuction is applied in patients with abdominal stretching is often necessary, he says.

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