Do not buy mobile phones for small children

Do not buy mobile phones for small children

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Various activities are organized around the world in the week of 1-7 April to raise awareness against cancer. Awareness of cancer increases human life and quality of life. Today, physicians believe that both children and adults can be protected from certain types of cancer by taking certain precautions. There is not a single reason for the development of cancer. Cancer is caused by ongoing disorders of genes. Therefore, when environmental factors are placed on structural factors, the chance of developing cancer increases.

Ac─▒badem Maslak Hospital Pediatric Oncology Specialist Dr. Inci Ayan, "How much we are aware of environmental factors, how much we stay away from them can delay or prevent the occurrence of cancer," he says.

Professor Ayan lists the factors that prepare the ground for cancer as follows:

? Radiation pollution
? Polluted soils
? Unnecessary radiological examinations
? Magnetic contamination due to mobile phone, computer and TV
? Harmful chemicals
? Prepared foods
? Poor storage conditions for food
? Use of wet wipes
? Excessive use of unnatural cosmetics

Do not buy mobile phones for small children

Radiation pollution: Our country suffered some damage in the Chernobyl disaster that occurred 20 years ago. In particular, we have to mention the damage of three important radioactive substances. It takes at least 30 years to get rid of cesium damage. American and platonium will be able to show damages in our country for thousands of years. We're contaminated with these.

Polluted soils: It is very important to produce nutrients in polluted soils and to prohibit the consumption of water and water products.

Unnecessary examinations: Radiation can be obtained by some unconscious use. Unnecessary diagnostic tests, lung film in every cough and MRI in each head collision should not be done unnecessarily. X-rays, CT should also be careful.

Magnetic contamination: Mobile phones are now used even by elementary school children. Moreover, mobile phones can be damaged even if children are given toys as toys and placed as toys. The child should not play with the computer for more than 1-2 hours. Three months old babies are fed with commercials and breastfeeded in front of television. The child's communication conversation is delayed. This is also inconvenient in terms of opening the child to society.

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