Watch out for tear duct obstruction in infants!

Watch out for tear duct obstruction in infants!

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Mostly spontaneous and appropriate tear bladder massage opens in a few months. In this period, since there is no flow in the pouch, infection often occurs as a result of swelling in the pouch area, eye burring and watering. Apart from this condition encountered in newborns, we can encounter tears in all ages due to tear bladder infections and trauma.
How do we know if there's a tear duct obstruction?
• Watering the eye, tear flowing out, • Burring from time to time, addition of signs of swelling in the pouch area.
What kind of treatment should be applied?
The baby, diagnosed by an ophthalmologist, should be massaged until one year of age. Surgery is usually not recommended until about one year of age, the massage shown by your eye doctor should be repeated 3-4 times a day. Infection. Antibiotic drops may be used in case of burring. If the complaints do not improve by the age of one, probing should be performed before it is too late. Their families are generally worried about performing under general anesthesia, but considering the short duration of anesthesia and the developing anesthesia conditions of today, the procedure does not pose a risk for the child. On the contrary, the lack of timely steps to be taken leaves the child facing more difficult surgical procedures in the future. The first probing has a high success rate. If the initial probing fails, re-probing or tube fitting should be performed. If these procedures are not performed in a timely manner, infections will decrease the success of probing or tube insertion, and the patient may need to have the operation called DSR.
How is surgery performed and when should it be performed?
Ideally, DSR is performed through skin incision. Nowadays, DSR can be performed with laser, but the risk of recurrence is high. DSR is performed by skin incision, which is the recommended method with the lowest risk of recurrence. It is not necessary to insert a tube in every patient after DSR surgery. It is not a painful procedure. It is also frequently used in adult tear duct obstruction.

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