Known mistakes about menopause

Known mistakes about menopause

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“Menopause occurs suddenly at a certain age”

FALSE. Menopause is a process that starts about 1 to 5 years before the permanent discontinuation of menstruation. In this process we call premenopause (premenopause), but menstruation continues due to hormonal fluctuations in different degrees of distress.

Kadınlar Women whose mothers have a difficult menopause also have a difficult menopause. Every woman has menopause at a similar age with her mother. ”
FALSE. The age of menopause has been hereditary, but it is not right to say that every woman experiences menopause under similar age and conditions with her mother. Factors such as smoking, eating habits and lifestyle can also affect the age of menopause.
“Late menopause survives long”
FALSE. Staying under high estrogen effects for a long time can make you look younger but not live longer. The long-term estrogen effect brings the risk of disease such as uterine and breast cancer.
Men When the uterus is removed, menopause is entered ”
FALSE. Menopause is a condition related to the hormonal activity of the ovaries. Unless there is an additional reason during uterine surgery, the ovaries are released and hormonal activity continues its natural course and menopause does not occur.

Önleyici Preventive methods such as spiral, contraceptive pill, connecting tubes and so on can lead to early menopause ”
FALSE. Since neither of these methods has an adverse effect on the hormonal activity of the ovaries, they do not cause early menopause.

“Menopause leads to weight gain”
FALSE. Every 10 years following puberty, calorie requirement decreases by 2 to 8 percent, with age, fat muscle ratio deteriorates and increases fat. This has nothing to do with menopause. In menopause, women actually gain weight due to pessimism, inactivity, over-calorie-oriented foods, and age-related insulin resistance.

Hormon Menopause hormone therapy should not sunbathe ”

FALSE. Skin spots, wrinkles and similar problems due to sun develop depending on age. When the age of menopause is considered, it is seen that the problem is not caused by hormone treatment but by age.
“Menopause leads to madness”

FALSE. With menopause, endorphin secretion decreases somewhat. The idea of ​​the loss of menstruation as a natural part of life for years and the termination of fertility naturally causes problems such as nervousness, fatigue, depression, hypersensitivity insomnia in women. However, these temporary problems can be overcome in a short time following the adaptation.

“Sexual life ends with menopause”

FALSE. A study of menopausal women shows that 79 percent of women do not have such a problem. Removing the stress of fear of becoming pregnant can be the beginning of a free period. Initially, vaginal dryness may cause difficulties, but this problem can be treated in a very simple way.
“Menopause is a natural process that does not require treatment”
FALSE. In menopause, 25% of women have no complaints. They lead a better quality of life than other women. Women in this group may be thought to be very lucky that they do not experience complaints such as hot flushes, distress, insomnia, depression, and hypersensitivity that can make life unbearable. However, menopause without realizing the main destruction of coronary heart disease and bone mineral loss problems in this group can be seen at the same rate. When these problems are noticed, it is too late for treatment.
Hormon Hormone therapy in menopause leads to cancer ”
FALSE. In the treatment of menopause, hormone drugs which are developed as a result of years of experience, have been used for many years and supported by multicenter studies are used. Hormone therapies with proper doses and under the supervision of a doctor seem to reduce the risk of uterine cancer and colon cancer. Hormone therapy also significantly reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. In the United States, 250,000 women die of coronary disease each year, while the number of deaths from breast cancer is around 45,000. The fact that women who receive hormone therapy undergoes a regular check-up every six months also provides early diagnosis and treatment success in possible diseases.

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