Tips for taking a baby photo

Tips for taking a baby photo

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Perhaps the most immortal of your baby's great moments
The easiest way to take photos. But of course, there are some points that need attention.

The first 3 months of your newborn baby
Do not pull! Because your eye retina is not fully mature when your baby is born.
may cause serious damage to eyes. Therefore, the first 3 months
flash photography should be avoided.

During the photo shoot, your child will
will allow you to capture good poses. Standing bird eye view taken photos
instead of seeing how photos taken at eye level make a difference
You'll be surprised.

The most beautiful moments, without bored and overwhelmed your child
Try immortalization. Capture him in his natural environment. Be sure,
the naturalness of a child immersed in playing games forgetting your presence, no
can't pose forcefully.

Watch out for the background and feel free to try different angles.
Your album is boring where your child stands straight with a standard smile.
Do not fill with photos. Try new things!

Under this category, the most beautiful pictures of babies and children
You can see.

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