Postnatal exercises

Postnatal exercises

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During pregnancy, each expectant mother will gain more or less weight. A balanced diet is very important to lose weight after birth. However, the correct exercise will help to lose weight and will improve the body shape during pregnancy. Special Camlica Medicana Medical Center Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. A. Can Sener, gave information about the correct exercise movements after birth.

Exercises for buttocks

• Lie on your back, bend your knees with your soles touching the ground and spacing. Tighten your hip muscles by lifting the basin up from the ground, this position stays for 8-10 seconds • Lift one of the legs tautly in the four-foot position. Bend the leg from the knee. Repeat the movement by changing legs • Sit down with your legs stretched forward. Open your arms sideways with the palms touching the ground. Lift your left hip from the ground with force on your right arm and try to move forward. Try the movement on your other arm • All movements should be done by squeezing the hip muscles.Exercises for legs

• Standing with your hands on the wall and repeating by changing it • Lift the heel of one foot and stretch your other foot sideways. Repeat the movement by changing the foot • Perform the previous exercise by jumping • Keep your foot taut without shaking the previous position and shake it inward.

Exercise for waist circumference

• Stand up and spread your legs. Stretch the upper part of your body sideways by placing your hands on your waist • Stand up and spread your legs. Break your arms at the elbow and join them at chest level. In this position, turn your body to the right and left.

Exercises for chest muscles

These exercises prevent your breasts from sagging during pregnancy and lactation • Sit cross-legged. With your palms facing upwards, spread your arms out to one side and stretch them back tautly • Extend the arms up in the same position. • Stretch your legs backwards while standing. Clench your fists and stretch your arms forward. Change your arms and keep moving • Sit cross-legged. Bend your arms up the elbow. Stretch it backwards.

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