Smoking during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy

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You mother during pregnancy
There are some rules that candidates must follow. These rules are not strict
Together, it is of great importance because of your baby's health. To comply with this period
one of the rules is not to smoke.

What are the damages of smoking during pregnancy?

Becoming a global problem
smoking and the resulting diseases are the most important
as one of the health problems.
More than 50% of the expectant mothers
continue to consume cigarettes. This ongoing consumption of cigarettes, public
can be called a serious health problem.

Smoking during pregnancy
may cause adverse reactions to your baby and pregnancy.
Many toxic substances in cigarettes such as nicotine, pitch, carbon monoxide;
first the respiratory tract, then the bronchi, and finally the blood
Pass. This situation; cardiovascular system
damage and collapse all organ systems in your body.

Smoking during pregnancy
What harm does baby use?

expectant mother and baby exchange blood
located. Therefore, with the mother's consumption of cigarettes,
toxic substances also pass directly to the baby. Nicotine in cigarettes
The blood flow to the uterus decreases. A cigarette
other substance; carbon monoxide damages cells and causes growth retardation.
it causes. This substance also reduces the oxygen capacity in the blood.
When the amount of oxygen in the blood of mothers
The oxygen level also decreases.

Smoking during pregnancy
What are the damages of consumption on the baby?

1- Premature delivery:
Pregnancy ended at 38 and 40 weeks, while cigarette consumption was higher than 38 weeks.
causes birth.

Early water arrival (Early membrane
opened during the water bladder opening is the case early. So smoking
consumption has not yet completed the development of the baby, the birth canal early
cause it to interfere.

3- Growth retardation (Intrauterine growth retardation): The amount of oxygen transferred to the baby
and causes a decrease in the baby's food sources. So mother
The baby in the belly of the candidates is caused to experience developmental delay.

4- Unnoticed
low (Iexit
: Smoking consumption of the baby in the womb of the mother
sudden death.

Pregnancy poisoning (Preaklampsia):
Continuous pregnancy
In this case blood pressure rises with the use of cigarettes, in certain parts of the body
excessive edema occurs, protein excretion occurs with urine, blurred vision is experienced
and pregnancy poisoning occurs. In these cases, expectant mothers and
It carries a great risk to the life of babies.

6- Placenta
Separation (Detachment Placenta)
: This event, along with cigarette
separation of the placenta before birth has occurred and
to the extent of dangerous bleeding.

7- Hypertension:
With the nicotine substance found in cigarettes, blood vessels narrow and blood pressure
It rises. This also adversely affects the baby's diet.

8- The lung development of the baby
Incomplete (Respiratory Distress):
from birth
then the baby has respiratory problems. Premature birth with baby
development and completion of the lung
dangerous situation. Frequent cases of mothers who smoke
It is encountered.

Reduction in the amount of milk:
Birth of mother with smoking consumption
decrease in the amount of milk providing nutrients to the baby during postpartum period
is the state.

pregnancy, for your own health and for your baby's health afterwards
period, especially in any stage of your life, take care not to smoke
show. Smoking is no good to you, but it can do a lot of harm. This
to care about the issue, your baby and you wish to have a healthy day
we do.

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