Breastfeeding during pregnancy

Breastfeeding during pregnancy

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Since you know that you have
with the awareness that some changes will
You should stretch. You are now a mother-to-be and from that moment on
As you are ready to have a sacred title. Pregnancy
One of the complaints is the presence of yellow colored liquids and breast milk.

Yellow breasts during pregnancy
does it mean that liquids come in different colors?

in the last weeks of pregnancy in the mother
to come, is the event of milk coming from the breast and this is very usual. This formation
It may not be seen in the mother, but it is very common during pregnancy
It is the case. During this period the level of milk hormones increases, and this increase in breasts
begins to create milk for the baby.

In some cases, milk from the breast may start to flow before
known as milk. In fact, the first milk flowing from the breast is special. This milk
to protect your baby from various viruses,
produces milk that can protect from microbes. During your pregnancy
Do not think that milk is flowing to the floor in case milk comes, your baby is born
then it will absorb the milk and benefit from it.
The first milk, called mouth milk, is usually yellow in color with a dense and dark consistency.
flowing liquid. This liquid is higher than usual breast milk.
protein. The first milk, as if it was created for your newborn baby,
the kind that they can simply digest and feed in the best way.
It is milk.

Breastfeeding during pregnancy is treated

Yellow liquid in the chest during pregnancy, which means that the milk
There is no treatment. Fluids from your clothes when you are disturbed
To protect against pregnancy bras or breast pads can use.

Is there a danger of milk coming from the breast?

It is common for you to get milk from your chest during your pregnancy
but this liquid does not come in milk form or is not yellow; brownish
or if it has a pink color or is inflamed, but also smells.
you should consult a specialist doctor without losing weight.
The presence of yellow liquid or milk from your breast in any non-pregnant
an abnormal condition. In this case, the same time
you should definitely consult a specialist doctor without losing.

breast milk is normal during pregnancy and in these cases
do not panic, stress is recommended. Your baby and your healthy life
you should consult your doctor in case of an abnormal condition.
should repeat.

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