Gas during pregnancy

Gas during pregnancy

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Mainly during pregnancy
One of the problems is gas jams. Pregnant mothers
complains more than jams. The problem of not being able to extract gas is already in itself
it is very painful and difficult.

are the causes of gas problem during pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers gas problem due to digestive system, bloating
complaints. The main cause of these complaints, pregnancy hormone
is the condition caused by the relaxation of smooth muscles in the body. Received
nutrients move with the help of muscle cells so that these muscles relax
The rate of nutrients falls slower than normal. In this case, digestion
Slows. However, the growing uterus as the gestation period progresses
pressure on the digestive system and stomach. Indigestion experienced during this period,
Discomfort such as burning is due to these reasons.

Other reasons for having gas problems are; air swallow or, as required
food that reaches the large intestine without
It is the state of destruction by bacteria. When individuals swallow air, belch
as the reaction. Residual and non-removable gases are thick
excreted by the intestines.

What should you do if you have gas problems during your pregnancy?

Gas you
If the discomfort is no longer based on the final limits, consult your doctor immediately.
support. Even if there is a herbal supplement
Do not use degasser according to your head. These things are for your pregnancy.
Your gas problem is pain, pain or cramping rather than abdominal swelling.
vomiting or nausea.
should immediately consult a specialist.

When does the gas pains start during pregnancy?

Gas problem is usually the first pregnancy
months and continues until birth.

How can you prevent the formation of gas?

Stay still. Your meals are heavy
Instead of spending frequent but take care to eat little by little. Dishes possible
Try to eat as slowly, chewing well. Acid and carbonated drinks
Do not consume absolutely. Try not to consume liquid while eating.
Drink plenty of water but don't do it during the meal. Artificial sweetener
avoid food. Be careful not to eat standing. Narrow, comfortable
Choose to dress clothes. Take care not to chew gum, chew gum
cause air to swallow and increase gas. Increases stomach acid and
Never consume cigarettes whose damages are indisputable.

Many stresses during pregnancy or
You may experience discomfort. Stress, tension, stomach problems,
can trigger your gas pains. So don't worry about anything.
and try to relax. If you have a discomfort, a specialist
Do not forget to see a doctor.

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