Pregnancy Symptoms - Miy Can I Pregnant? ”

Pregnancy Symptoms - Miy Can I Pregnant? ”

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Pregnancy Indicators

The first factor that should be known about pregnancy symptoms is that pregnancy symptoms are different from each expectant mother.

For this reason, it is best to have information about general symptoms by knowing that pregnancy indicators are experienced differently.

First Symptoms of Pregnancy

  • Menstrual Delay

Menstrual delay is generally the first sign of all pregnancies. menstrual delay as there may be many reasons, an expert should be consulted and the reason must be confirmed.
Some women with menstrual delay may experience light bleeding at the time of menstruation.
This bleeding is localization bleeding. Although different from menstruation, menstruation can be mixed with.

  • Breast Sensitivity

Breast sensitivity is the most common symptom experienced during pregnancy. Breasts may swell and become tender as before the menstrual period. This pain is more felt especially when lying on your back.

  • Fatigue

During pregnancy The mother's blood volume is doubled. Therefore, metabolism is accelerated and mother and baby are provided with sufficient oxygen and nutrient exchange. This process will cause fatigue.
Fatigue, drowsiness may be involved as the first months of pregnancy cover the preparation process for this change.

  • The need to go to the toilet

The baby develops in the uterus, and the uterus is located very close to the bladder, ie the bladder. bladder printing Can.
Therefore, the expectant mother more frequent toilet may need.

  • Nausea

In fact, nausea is one of the symptoms that will ask the question miy Can I be pregnant?
These nausea of ​​pregnancy commonly seen in the first 3 months together, in the second trimester.
If you want to know more about nausea during pregnancy, you should read this article: // www. Reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy / Stomach swelling and flatulence may also occur during pregnancy. You should read our article on solutions to these problems: // www. / Pregnancy-gastrointestinal swelling of-the-fight-and-gas /

  • Dizziness

Dizziness is a problem during pregnancy with increased blood volume.
As the blood volume increases, the blood pressure of the expectant mother may drop during sudden movements while standing or sitting.

  • Opening or Closing Appetite

From the first weeks of pregnancy, appetite closure or opening may be the case.

  • Sensitivity to Odors

Pregnant mothers may notice that they can hear some smells sharper during pregnancy, some smells that do not disturb her disturbing Some perfume fragrances or food fragrances may sound unbearable. The most important reason for this hormonal are changes.

  • Heartburn or Constipation

These symptoms occur when the uterus begins to grow and hormonal differences It is due.
As the uterus grows, it starts to pressure the stomach.
Therefore, digestive problems and heartburn problems may occur.

  • Fluctuations in Emotion

Pregnancy is a process in which the expectant mother changes hormonally.

This situation is reflected in the psychology of the expectant mother. Therefore, frequent fluctuations in emotion may occur. He may suddenly realize that he is happy and angry.

The mother or the people around her may notice fluctuations in her emotions and fluctuating movements. These are always hormones ...Would you like to learn more about the psychology of pregnancy? Read now: // www. / Pregnancy-donemi-psychology /

  • Body temperature

Another increase in body temperature during pregnancy is the increase in body temperature. Nasıl How do I know if I'm pregnant? ” is one of the answers us

  • Bleeding

There is also bleeding between signs of pregnancy. However, this bleeding is a hemorrhage called settling bleeding. This bleeding between the indicators of pregnancy light and light colored.However, a specialist should be consulted if the bleeding is too high or abnormal.

  • Pain in the groin

Symptoms of pregnancy include pain in the groin. The reason for this is the stretching of the ligaments that hold the uterus in place. For this reason, expectant mothers should avoid sudden movements.

The pain you will encounter during pregnancy may not only consist of groin pain, but you may also experience leg pain.

Exercises against leg pain in this video:

All these symptoms may indicate that you are pregnant. The most accurate answer to the question miy Am I pregnant? Tabii will of course arise through pregnancy tests and doctor's examination.

Wishing you good news throughout your life…

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